03 September 2009

"Three Coins in the Fountain"

I'm probably giving away my age if I talk about the 1954 movie "Three Coins in the Fountain". The story revolved around the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. Wishes were supposed to come true if you threw coins into it. To make a long story short: I love fountains whether large or small, indoors or outside.

Recently, I went to a Home and Garden Expo . I go yearly as I love to daydream about the things I would like for my ideal home. Naturally, I spent a lot of time drooling over the garden fountains. The selection of what's available is awesome. The fountains come in many types including tiered, cascading, free standing, tabletop, wall mounted and more.

The fountains that really intrigue me are the solar ones. Not only do you save money on electricity, they're easy to install and no wiring is required. They have the latest solar technology and operate in direct sunlight. Many of the solar garden fountains have underwater solar panels and low voltage water pumps.

Various materials are used for the fountains including ceramic, terra cotta, fiberglass and copper and come in various colors. I think my favorite is the terra cotta fountain that has several basins that guide the water to the largest basin.

A garden fountain not only adds beauty to your yard. It's eco-friendly and entices birds to drink, swim and splash. The sound of the water is relaxing and the fountain is low maintenance. You can add a festive touch with fogger kits that have multi-colored LED lights.