07 September 2009

BIKING for Health & Taxes

A 150 pound person who does one hour of moderate bicycling burns about 500 calories. 5 days of riding burns approximately 2,500. In one month, 2 pounds could be lost with no change in diet.

A little known fact is that if you ride a bike to work, you may be eligible for a $20.00 a month ($240.00 yearly) tax credit. A bill is now in the works to increase that to $40.00 per month. Employers give you the credit in pre-tax dollars and then you can deduct the expense off your federal income tax.

At the University of Oregon 20 elliptical machines generate a portion of the electricity for the buildings that house them. It's a small amount of power that this produces but it's going "green" in a positive way.

(From an article by Michael O'Shea)