29 September 2009

The Numbers Game

Remember the old television series Cheers where the theme-song said that "everyone knows your name"? Yes: it's very important to remember people's names (also it's one sign that you're really not getting older if you can remember things like that) but knowing numbers is equally important. Have you ever had an emergency in the dark hours of night when being able to see your house number quickly and clearly is mandatory? You're waiting for an ambulance, police car or fire truck to arrive when you notice that you either have no numbers on the outside of your house or if you do, they're tiny, small or faded?

With a Whitehall Address Plaque this won't happen. People will be able to see your home address during the day and at night with a reflective address plaque. These plaques are made from rust free recycled aluminium with weather resistant sign grade reflective paints. There are many color choices and combinations of colors available. The standard size address plaque fits all homes and horizontal and vertical designs are another option.

Eight years ago, my husband had a fatal heart attack and as usually happens it was at night. When I went outside to look for the ambulance, I realized that although I had house numbers they were very small. and I wasn't sure they could be seen well. My only hope for the emergency crews to find my house was by turning on the outside house light. If I'd have had a Whitehall Address Plaque, I could have avoided the additional stress at this terrible time.

Do yourself a favor and check out all the Whitehall Address Plaques that are available. Do this for yourself and others. Names can also be put on the plaques which help people know they're at the right house. Beside the reflective address plaques there are also lawn markers, decorative, commemorative and wall mounted plaques. All have a special paint process with many color choices that are can withstand the harshest of climates. The illuminated address plaques are designed to meet local "911" emergency standards.