06 September 2009

In The Cool Of The Evening

The weather is changing and it's not just due to the seasons. I really believe that something is happening with global warming because the last few years have seen dramatic changes in normal weather patterns. I live in mid-Michigan and for the past month or so, temperatures have been way below normal. It's only in the mid 70's during the day and at night, the temperature has been dipping to the low 40's. We've been experiencing weather that is normally seen in late October and early November.

I have a screened in patio that I like to use at night, especially when the crickets are chirping (don't like those little buggers chirping when I'm trying to sleep tho). With the lower night time temperatures, it's not really comfortable sitting on the patio, so I started looking for outdoor heaters.

I spent some time searching the internet and found a website that has a fabulous selection of them. Outdora carries both residential and commercial outdoor heaters and offers free shipping. You have a choice of gas or electric in a wide range of styles and prices. They're easy to light and have adjustable heat settings to control the temperature. Safety is also a major consideration so many models will shut off when tipped over and they come with safety latching systems. Infrared heating (which is odorless and eco-friendly) keeps an area warm, and the heat doesn't get blown away in a breeze.

One outdoor heater, the Sunglo 24 Volt Suspended Natural Gas Heater, with Auto Ignition doesn't take up floor space, is compact and has a reflector to maximize the heat. Other models can be ceiling mounted, or wall mounted. There are several table top models available also. Accessories including heater covers, wheel kits and valve and hose kits are available.