31 August 2010

Are You In a Financial Crunch?

Are you in a money crunch? Do you run out of money every month before all the bills are paid? Do you hide from your creditors? Do you rob from your child's piggy bank? If this sounds like you, then you need to repair your bad credit. In these difficult economic times, financial problems are happening to many families, but there is relief in sight. With repairyourbadcredit.com, you can get help repairing your bad credit and get on the right financial track. One of the first things they'll recommend is getting a copy of your credit report.

Sadly, there are many errors on people's credit reports that they are not even aware of. You need to know what the problems are with your credit before you can start fixing them. The Credit People can then help you start to rebuild your financial background and remove any errors. With over 10 years experience, they can help you start to see results in as little as 60 days. They can help you remove late payments, liens, bankruptcies, judgements and more.

It is difficult for a person to recover financially without the help of a credit repair service. They know the time-saving methods to use to get started and offer guidance ever step of the way. If you need help, why wait any longer? Without help, your financial problems will continue to grow!

29 August 2010

Abraham Lincoln's Unofficial Bodyguard

Ward Hill Lamon (1828-1893) was a friend and self-appointed bodyguard for President Lincoln. He was absent the night Lincoln was assassinated, having been sent to Virginia by the president.

Lamon's association with Lincoln started in 1852 when they became law partners in Danville, Illinois. The partnership lasted until 1857 when Lamon became a prosecuting attorney.

Although Lamon was a Southern sympathizer, he campaigned for Lincoln. After Abraham Lincoln became president, Lamon represented himself as his bodyguard. He did this out of friendship and took himself so seriously that for more that three months after the inauguration, Lamon patrolled the grounds of the White House at night. Often he would wrap himself in a blanket and sleep on the floor in front of Lincoln's bedroom.

Lamon was not in Washington on the night of Lincoln's assassination. In a book he later wrote, Lamon says that he pleaded with the President "not to go out that night, particularly to the theater." After the assassination, Lamon accompanied the funeral procession to Springfield, IL.

An official bodyguard, John F. Parker of the Washington Metropolitan Police Force was on duty the night Lincoln went to Ford's Theater. He was the only armed guard on duty. He was armed but not ready. Parker couldn't hear the actors from his position at the top of the stairs with his back to the Presidential box, so he moved to the main floor where he could hear every word. When he go thirsty, he and the President's footman went to the saloon next door to Ford's Theater. If Parker had maintained his position outside the presidential box, the assassination by John Wilkes Booth could probably have been prevented. He was never punished for neglecting his duty and remained a White House guard for awhile.

One official bodyguard and one unofficial bodyguard. Neither was there at Ford's Theater that night to protect their President.

27 August 2010

You CAN Do "Last Minute"

If you leave things for the last minute or something unexpected comes up, lastminute.com.au can help you every step of the way with your travel-related planning. Looking for a last minute accommodation or last minute flights? When you log onto their web site, you'll find a huge selection of flights, hotels and vacation packages to choose from.

When you look into their last minute hotels, you'll be delighted with the huge selection that offers hotels deals on for under $100.00, the most wanted hotel hot spots around the world and hotel specials (birthdays are a wonderful time to use one of the deals).

Cheap flights, both international and domestic, will boggle the travelers mind. There are "hot deals" and "crazy fares" that will tempt every traveler. Search Qantus for domestic flights throughout Australia with connections to international flights. Singapore Airlines offers a frequent flyer program and has a fleet of 130 airplanes. Jetstar, Australia's newest budget carrier, began flying in Australia in 2004 and Asia in the same year. It has a new fleet of aircraft. Virgin Blue, founded by Sir Richard Branson, is a low cost air service that dominates domestic Australian travel. On these flights, passengers get a lot of "bang for their buck".

24 August 2010

It's Very Easy to Conserve Water

For centuries people have assumed that water would last forever and would be there whenever we wanted. Not True! Rain water barrels are one of the easiest way to conserve water. The world's rain forests are shrinking daily. They used to cover 14% of the earth's surface and now only cover 6%. This is a scary fact as many aspects of our lives are dependant of the activity of the rain forests.

Shower heads are easy to install and are a cost effective way to conserve water and save energy. If you haven't replaced your shower head in years, now it the time to do it. Shower heads older than the early '90's use almost double the amount of water per shower. New shower heads can give a misty spray or individual streams of water.

The Office of Water recommends aerators on faucets, using energy efficient dish washer and close washers, putting heat tape on water heaters and lowering the water temperature by a few degrees.

Get the Best for Your .Com

When I started blogging a little over a year ago, I didn't know much about web hosting sites. Had I know there was a web hosting directory that could help me by identifying and rating sites, this would have made a difference on which site I went with. I could have found an inexpensive but reliable site after comparing the top 10 hosting sites based on price, features, service, reviews and rank. Webhostinggeeks.com is just the place to go to get started. The information is excellent for comparing sites and learning about each site's history.

If you're thinking of having several web sites, you need a company that offers multiple domain hosting and a great deal of thought needs to go into finding out what web hosting company will meet your needs. Business and personal site want to have traffic generated so that they can beat out your competitors. Look for a company that can store great quantities of data and handle lots of bandwidth. You want SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because you want to be found when people browse the Internet.

23 August 2010

Tee Time

Myrtle Beach National King's North, an Arnold Palmer signature course. is one of the 80 golf courses offered when you log onto http://www.mrytlebeachgolf.net. When you visit the web-site, click on a course name for a description of that particular course where you'll get a video tour, stats and more.

There are many Myrtle Beach golf packages for you to review. Listed also are the Top 5 Golf Packages that include The Cats (Leopard's Chase, Panther's Run and Lion's Paw) and Glens Group. When you find the course that meets your desire, you can start to plan an ideal vacation. The attractions surrounding the golfing areas are extensive and include The Carolina Opry, Alligator Avenue, B. Chapin Art Museum, Ripley's Aquarium and Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

Once you've decided on which of the Myrtle Beach golf courses you want to play on, package, you'll find hotels and resorts for the entire family. These are all top notch accommodations and many have pools, hot tubs, fully appointed kitchens, wireless Internet access, 1,2 or 3 bedroom condominiums, continental breakfasts and fitness centers. If you've flown in, you can get around easily for the nightlife, restaurants with a car rental. Daily and weekly rentals are available and compact, mid-size, mini vans, convertibles and premium vehicles can be rented. In-season and off season rates apply and additional drivers can be added.

22 August 2010

Let The Good Times Begin!!

If you're looking for one last fun vacation before the leaves start to fall, why not visit Myrtle Beach? It's not far away and offers lots of things to do. You'll find all the comforts of home in Towers at Myrtle Beach in your 1, 2 or 3 bedroom condominium with a private balcony. If you get tired of swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, the area has lots of other activities to enjoy.

Golf, pools and parks are some of the many things for the whole family. There's a jungle themed water park, several state parks, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, an Opry Theater, Medieval themed dinner theater, Legends in concert, shopping malls and more.

Why wait? Sneak in that final vacation before the cold weather and snow set in. Log onto www.towersatnorthmyrtlebeach.com to let the good times begin.

21 August 2010

Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Cheshire Cat

Retargeting and Remarketing? Yes!

You're in business to make money RIGHT? But, are you going about getting customers in the right way? In these difficult economic times, you need every sale that you can get. You have to hit the target almost all the time to be financially successful. Have you ever thought about remarketing and retargeting advertising? Confused by these concept or don't understand what they mean?

Simply put, these concepts mean revisiting the person(s) who have already visited your web-site with an ad. You know they have the interest in whatever you're selling as they've already visited and are basically "pre-qualified" and pre-filtered". They've visited your site originally to buy or learn but statics show that 98% of all visitors to a site leave before taking an action.

Recruemedia.com is one of the retargeting companies that will help you get the most "bang for your buck". They can help you implement effective strategies with positive results through online displays.

A Different Kind of Boot Camp With CCNA

I need all the help I can get when it comes to the Internet and the "going's on" of cyberspace and I'm a very appreciative of the people who attend CCNA boot camp. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification gives and validates that a technician has the required skills for entry-level network support positions. These are the people I depend on to get me where I want to go when I use my computer.

CCNA graduates have the knowledge and ability to enter the working world with skills that will enable them to advance quickly in their chose fields. They learn how to install, operate and troubleshoot small enterprise branch networks.

CCNA training classes are offered in Washington, DC (in September, November and December) with a class being offered in San Diego, CA in October. On-site training is also an option so why wait? Log onto their web site today to find out the cost of the schooling and reserve a seat before the course is filled.

20 August 2010

Spice Up Your Spices

Spices have been an essential part of life since the dawn of man. They didn't have the advantage of using a spice rack so their kitchens were rather messy. For centuries spices have been used for many purposes including medicine, religious ceremonies, cosmetics or eaten as a vegetable (garlic for example).

Spices are often very colorful and when they're displayed in kitchen spice racks, they can add color to the room. The use of a wall spice rack frees up needed counter space and are easily accessible. Not only are the spices sealed from humidity, it keeps the flavors from blending into each other.

Turmeric can be used as a preservative and liquorice as a medicine. Some spices kill harmful bacteria or prevent their growth. To get the full value and flavor from your spices, why not think about adding spice racks to your kitchen?

19 August 2010

Experienced Legal Help In Chicago

Sadly, we've all heard the statistics that 50% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce. It's always tragic when this happens but can be more difficult when children are involved. If you live in Chicago or the surrounding area and are looking for a Chicago divorce attorney, then John C. Vojta is the attorney who can guide you every step of the way. You want to be treated fairly when it comes to dividing property, settling debts, resolving issues of child custody and financial support so it's important that you work with an attorney who is not only compassionate and caring but has the legal knowledge and background to protect your interests..

The most difficult thing someone has to do is make the decision on whether to get a divorce or "stick it out for the sake of the children". A free initial consultation with the Law Offices of John C. Vojta can help you make the right decision.

17 August 2010

You Don't Have to Live in a Fort

You don't have to live in a fort to be protected but once someone has broken into your house you become a statistic and feel violated. When your home is broken into not only does someone take your valuables, they also take the years it took to earn the money to afford the items. However, the most important thing they take is your sense of security. Many people are uncomfortable having a firearm in the house due to safety issues (what good would it do as the gun has to be kept locked up) and others can't have dogs due to allergies.

The number of burglaries and assaults, both business and residential, has risen sharply in the last few years due to a slumping economy. You want to do everything you can to keep you and your family safe from harm. Business owners want to prevent increases in the number of robberies that occur. You want the best coverage you can get with a home security team at an affordable price. You want 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals who know how to respond in a crisis and have a plan for emergencies.

Consumer Reports offers several suggestions for securing a business or residence including kick-proofing doors (several types more durable than others are available). Choose a solid lock which resists drilling and picking. Use security or safety glass that can withstand blows up to 400 foot-pounds. Light areas around doors, windows and blind spots. Landscape well avoiding tall foundation plants that give criminals a place to hide. Most importantly: add an alarm.

When you log onto http://www.broadviewsecurity.com/, you'll find a company that can service all your needs whether personal or professional. Help is available not only for break-ins but for medical and fire emergencies as well. They react quickly and thus get other emergency professionals to respond quickly to whatever the crisis is. Businesses with several locations can have customized business alarms and digital surveillance systems installed. With an alarm system you don't have to worry about your property when you go on vacation, and you can sleep peacefully each night knowing you, your family and your valuables are safe.

I'm Late! I'm Late!

You don't want to be like the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, not knowing the correct time and being late for everything. You don't want to wonder why people are looking at you when you're wearing a watch. You want to know that you have a fashionable watch and that you're are making a fashion statement. If you're looking for a dependable and affordable watch, then www.bluedial.com is the perfect web site for you. Never be late for anything again!

Whether you're looking for a Dolce and Gabbana watch or a traser h3 watch, you'll love the huge inventory that you can choose from. The watches are not replicas of famous brands but are the "real deal" and come with warranties. Cartier, a famous name in the fashion industry for years, has both men's and women's watches with diamonds and sapphires in many of them.

Watches can be sized before shipping, either up (if links are available for a particular brand) or down. Major credit cards and Paypal are accepted and second day shipping is free to the contiguous 48 states. What are you waiting for? Find the watch you want and start being a trend setter today.

16 August 2010

Don't You Wish All This Belonged To You?

We'd all love to have the gold bullion in this room but we know that's unrealistic.

Did you know that if you had been buying gold during the 70's and had purchased $25,000.00 in gold bullion, it would be worth approximately $524.999.00 today? It makes you stop and realize how great an opportunity you are missing out on. It's not too late to put gold into your portfolio for your future.

Wholesalecoinandmore.com can help you with your investing decisions and help you learn about and understand gold. They have experience in working with and delivering gold. Often called the "crisis commodity" many investors have been putting gold into their 401K's. Despite the slumping economy in the last couple of years, gold has remained strong. Besides being the one of the oldest forms of money, it can help offset market fluctuations. Don't get left behind any longer. Look into investing in gold! If not gold, then why not silver which has continues to climb in price?

Coins are a great way to get started with if you're thinking of investing in precious metals as they're easy to buy, one coin at a time.

15 August 2010

Thinking of Doing a Little Renovating?

If you're thinking of sprucing up some areas in your house, here's a great web site that has everything you need to redo many areas of your home. Glasstilestore.com offers the finest tiles made of beautiful glass so not only are they easy to clean, are durable and impenetrable too. Whether you're think of getting new bathroom tiles, tiles for the kitchen back splash or swimming pool area, they're safe and secure as the glass tiles can't be breached by liquids. They can easily be used outdoors as they're resistant to inclement weather conditions. The tiles are on mesh-backed sheets and are painted on the back so the color won't chip off.

If you haven't ridden a subway in years, you won't believe what's new in tiles. Subway stations used to be dark and dank but many cities are cleaning them up and are making them attractive with the use of subway tiles. Tiles can be purchased for a specific job at glasstilestore.com and shipping is free with every order. At their web site, you can also print coupons for additional savings ranging from $ off, % off to free offers with purchase.

14 August 2010

Getting The Best With Donna Karan

Are you thinking about up-dating your bath accessories? Tired of the same old look but want to buy shower curtains, bath rugs and more at affordable prices? Looking for the unusual for a house-warming or shower gift? Then, donnakaranhome.com is the web site for you! With everything from lotion dispensers to tissue boxes, there's something to meet everyone's budget.

DonnaKaranHome.com carries the newest collections and is often a trend setter with luxury bedding and window treatment products. Orders are shipped via Fed Ex Ground (no P.O. or A.P.O. boxes currently) and sales tax is added in certain states. Order and shipping confirmations are emailed with a tracking number(s).

If you're looking for Donna Karan home bedding, you'll have a vast inventory to choose from. Whether you're looking for bedding collections, duvets and shams, comforters and shams, blankets, sheets, pillows or bed skirts, you'll find everything you need at this one-stop shopping site with satisfaction guaranteed.

13 August 2010

Time To Start Getting Ready For Winter Soon

It's getting to be that time of year again. Have to soon put away the floaties, water toys, prep the swimming pool for the ice, snow, sleet and whatever "Old-Man Winter " decides to throw our way. At least some of us do (hear my sigh of envy for people in warm climates?). Started cutting down my gardens already as we get very unpredictable weather here in Michigan and it's not in great shape due to the sever heat we've had this summer. It's not fun thinking about the first frost of the year and with the way time is flying it doesn't seem like it will be that far away.

Storing wood all year long for winter indoor use can help you save on utility prices. Whether you chop your own or buy it, you need to keep it safe from moisture and creepy-crawly things that might hibernate in it for a few months. Use a cover that allows air to circulate well to help keep the wood mildew free. Having and using an indoor fireplace can help you save on utility costs while offering a beautiful setting. If you're a propane gas, natural gas or an electric heat user, there's the dreaded question of "What will I be paying this month"? As in past years, we know these costs are only going to go higher and higher and some of the price increases are truly shocking.

Happy winter preparations in the coming months.

Increasing Muscle Mass Without Weights

Increasing Muscle Mass Without Weights – Body-weight Exercises that Rock

If you are trying to add muscle mass and strength, you probably spend a lot of time in the weight room. Sometimes it seems like you have to spend hours every week hitting the weights hard to see even the smallest increases in muscle mass. Maybe it‘s time to take a break from the big weights and go back to the basics – Body Weight Exercises. Before you get too panicked and start having Bench Press Withdrawal, you should know that you can and should return to the weight room. Switching over for a short period to body-weight exercises is just going to add some variety to your routine to spark new muscle growth.

Aren’t Body-Weight Exercises Too Basic?

A lot of people think that body-weight exercises, like push-ups, burpees and pull-ups are too basic. Since these exercises can be done virtually anywhere without any special equipment, people just assume that they couldn’t possibly provide a great workout. If this is your attitude toward body-weight workout routines, just give it a week and you might be singing a different tune... and noticing increases in muscle tone and strength, too.

Sample Body-Weight Exercise Routine

Try doing these exercises in a circuit with just enough rest between each set to catch your breath for the next. Go through the circuit one to three times depending upon your fitness level.

• Start off with a light, 5-minute warm-up and stretch
• Push-ups – 10-20 reps
• Deep squats (without weight) – 10-20 reps
• Dips – 10-15 reps
• Lunges – 10 -20 reps per leg
• Pull-Ups – As many as you can crank out
• Burpees – As many as you can do

Chances are if you made it through this routine once, you should be feeling the burn. If you can make it through a few circuits, you should really be feeling it. Take a slow rep count for each exercise. Think 2 to 3 seconds on the negative portion followed by an explosive 1 second positive. Take 5 to 10 minutes after each session for stretching. This type of workout builds up a lot of lactic acid, so deep stretching is a must for good recovery. Try this routine out 3 days a week for the next month and see if your strength and muscle mass doesn’t increase – you should be pleasantly surprised in 30 days.

Author: Mike Stewart of the number one place to Get Insanity. The Insanity workout DVD is the best home workout on the market.

11 August 2010

Give Them The Help They Need

School will be starting in a few weeks and you and your child don't want to have the same math fights doing homework that you had last year. Math help is just a mouse click away with Tutorvista.com. Math problems and how to work with a fraction are difficult for some children. Online help is done by experts in their specific field. Log on to get homework help.

Students in grades K - 12 can receive help in all areas of math including Calculus help. Expert math tutors offer online tutoring with personalized one-to-one attention. TutorVista.com has monthly tutoring packages starting as low as $99.99 per month and the help is available 24/7. Not only will you and your child reduce your math frustration by getting an Algebra help trial session online, you'll save travel time by not having to go to a learning center.Your child works from the comfort of their own home. Log on to the Tutor Vista web site to help your child get the assistance they need and get them ready for school/college by eliminating the homework hassles.

10 August 2010

Watch Out Ocean: Here I Come!!!!

School will be re-opening in a few weeks and there's just enough time to sneak in one more vacation. Your stay at Myrtle Beach best hotels like The Horizon at 77 will meet all your vacationing needs and desires. When traveling, I like my comforts and this hotel certainly has lots of them. I can choose from suites that have 1, 2 0r 3 bedrooms and a private balcony to watch glorious sunrises and sunsets. This resort is in the heart of Myrtle Beach but feels like it's in a different world, away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday living.

A Myrtle Beach hotel location offers access to entertainment and activities for the whole family including aquariums, walking trails, golf courses and more. Watching sunrises and sunsets is a great way to start and end each day. Whether you like to spend time in the ocean or the pool, your days will fly by quickly. Why wait? Log onto http://www.horizonmyrtlebeach.com today and start planning your "end of summer" get-away NOW!!!!

09 August 2010

Four? No! Fore!

Want to have a day of golfing in the Myrtle Beach area at one of their fabulous courses with your friends but don't want to wait around all day to tee off? Then www.48hourteetimes.com is the web site for you. You can book your tee times without staying at one of the many hotels/resorts in the area.

Once you have chosen your vacation dates and have selected the golf course you want to play on, then you're ready to book online for AM/PM times. 48 hour tee times is a free service (you still pay for your time on the course) with no membership required. You'll be able to find out instantly if you have the tee time you want and will receive an email confirmation for your tee time/times. Your tee time is based on availability for the course(s) you select.

05 August 2010

Making A Medical Fashion Statement

Remember when medical uniforms used to be either white or drab blue or drab grey? Today, medical personnel have fabulous color choices and many are wrinkle resistant which is very important for the long hours they spend on the job.

Nursing uniforms and medical scrubs, made from high quality fabric, are stylish as well as functional. Manufactured in the United States, they feature stitching on the pockets of the scrub bottoms and matching stitching on the pocket of the scrub top. Blueskyscrubs.com offers flare-leg or boot-cut bottoms and tapering waist tops (surgical hats that match the uniforms are also available).

If your looking for a lab coat, you'll find that also. Made of a wrinkle-resistant, teflon-protected cotton (100%), they're piped in slate gray. They fall just above the knee and have plenty of pockets. Orders totaling over $155.00 (excluding gift certificates, tax and additional shipping) are shipped free.

01 August 2010

Yes: Even Bagpipes

Yes, even bagpipes! No matter what your instrument of choice is, musicianspage.com has what your looking for. From the beginning student, to the professional musician, you can buy an instrument by brand, category, price, "hot deal" and more. If you're looking to buy musical instruments, then this is the web site for you. If your child has expressed interest in playing an instrument, but you're not sure how committed they are, then start looking and comparing.

There's lots more that this web site offers. Are you looking for a musician or do you want to offer your services as a musician? Post a job opening or join the musicians forums and find out what others are doing and what's happening in the field of music. There's also supplements for musicians who are looking for ways to improve their memory and creativity and you can download high quality music instantly.