16 September 2009

My "Bucket List"

Remember the movie "The Bucket List" that was out a couple of years ago starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? It was about 2 older men who had terminal illnesses. They made a list of the things they wanted to do before the died and together they started working on the list. Well, I made my own bucket list after seeing the movie. The first thing I did was get a tattoo (see 6/29/09 post). Another item I was able to cross off my list was swimming with dolphins last summer in the Bahamas (see 6/14/09 post).

Recently, I found a web site that sells garden wind chimes. They have one that I fell in love with at first sight: a dolphin wind chime. This was too good to pass up. Wind chimes are one of my favorite garden decorations and swimming with dolphins was one of the best experiences I ever had. Needless to say, this was a match made in Heaven.

I looked at all the other styles of garden wind chimes that are available and really liked what I saw. There is a large variety made from many materials including aluminum chimes that are pre-tuned to a specific tone, bamboo wind chimes that copy the sounds of rain or exotic drums and copper and glass chimes. There are also capiz seashell garden wind chimes . The company (Outdora) also carries hanging gongs, wind bells and pewter chimes.

The fun part of their site is that you can listen to "audio samples" of the garden wind chimes when you shop online. You'll hear all of the varying tones that go with the different and unique chimes. Enjoy the relaxing way that Nature moves the chimes in a gentle breeze.