20 September 2009

Are All Fireplaces Created Equal?

Nope! All fireplaces are not the same. Every holiday, the famous story "Twas The Night Before Christmas" is re-read or re-told thousands of times. The line about "stockings hung by the chimney with care" is very important to little children who are waiting for Santa Claus to visit them. Perennial favorites Calvin and Hobbes' "Lazy Sunday Book" shows them relaxing in front of a fire place. There are many other stories that take place around a fireplace.

Most people think of fireplaces as indoor items only. An outdoor fireplace is not something that usually comes to mind; people usually think in terms of grills. Some of the fireplaces that I've looked at have a pullout cooking option so you can have the best of both worlds.

The Blue Rhino outdoor fireplace (see pix of round fireplace) has this feature which allows it to be used as a barbecue also. Made of cast iron with a 4 log capacity it's portability is an added convenience. At this time of year it can be used for tailgating at football games, end of summer picnics or at campsites. The round shape and screening allows it be enjoyed all the way around and keeps wayward sparks. within the unit. The chimney at the top also prevents sparks from flying.

The square outdoor fireplace also brings warmth and beauty to the great outdoors. Made of heavy duty steel, it has a large swing-out door giving easy and safe access for removing ashes. With these portable outdoor fireplaces, the amount of time spent outside can be extended into the cooler months.