29 July 2010

An Easy Way To Conserve Water

Water is something that's been taken for granted ever since the time of the first man. We all assumed it would be there whenever we wanted. Not True. The use of rain barrels is one the easiest ways to conserve water.

I remember visiting my grandparents when I was little. They made use of rain water barrels decades ago. Part of the reason they saved water was due the hard economic times they grew up in and part was due to the fact that clothes washed in rain water kept them very soft. My grandmother also used the rain water to wash her hair. It always smelled good and was very soft to the touch. Her barrel was the old wooden type.

Rain harvesting is vital if the world is going to survive. Rain forests are the world's oldest living ecosystem. They currently cover only 6% of the earth's surface but contain more that 1/2 of the world's plant and animal specimens which provide both food and medical products. A rain forest is described as a tall dense jungle. The reason it's called a "rain" forest is because of the high amount of rain it gets each year (usually between 68-78"). The climate is very hot and humid so the plants and animals that live there learn to adapt to the climate.

Start thinking "water conservation" and look for rain barrels for sale to get started. Time's wasting so start now. Water conservation is vital and capturing rain water is necessary.

28 July 2010

Convenient Family Dentistry

Many people have avoided dentists for years either through fear or finances. When they finally decide they need a dentist, they look either in the yellow pages in their phone book or on the Internet. What separates one dentist from another when looking on the Internet? ? A top-notch Dental Website Design that catches their eye. Fast food chains have found that the most eye-catching graphics/colors are those that contain red, yellow and orange colors and the web site should incorporate bright colors.

Graphics play a major part in an ad. I think the graphics should include a before/after picture of a cosmetic procedure such as veneers, pictures of an older patient and younger patient with great smiles and a map to the dental location. The design also needs to include: phone number, web address, hours of service, types of procedures provided, what to do for dental emergencies, overview of dental staff's qualifications, financial aspect (insurance, payment plans etc) and whether they provide dentistry for children (very important as many dentists don't service young children).

Two graphics I would not have in the design would be pictures of the dental tools used and pictures of equipment as they look to be forms of torture to many people.

27 July 2010

How Do I Look?

You don't want to wonder why people are looking at you when you're wearing sunglasses. You want to know that you have fashionable glasses and that you're are making a fashion statement. If you've ever had to squint when you're outdoors to see or read something, then you know the importance of wearing mens sunglasses. Headaches from eyestrain affect a person's entire outlook. In this economy, price and product quality are of prime importance especially in eye wear. Buying sunglasses online is a new approach to meeting your optical needs.

When you shop online at www.menssunglasses.com for men's sunglasses, you'll find a huge selection including current styles and trends, designer, contemporary, retro and more at very affordable prices. It's easy to order from their selection and you'll even find bifocal sunglasses if you need a combination of near and far vision. If you're looking for something unusual or hard to find, this is definitely the place to shop.

Mens sunglasses are in for the new fall collection and you won't want to miss the end of summer sale. Orders over $20 are shipped free and all sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee.

26 July 2010

Keep Your Head From Hurting

Need computer help but don't know where to go to get it? Having trouble dealing with the clutter inside and outside of your computer? Are you a small business that's trying to grow? Have you been in business for awhile but aren't as organized using your computer as you would like to be? If this is you, managed hosting solutions might just be the answer for you.

Colocation services may also be an option that you're interested in. Single to multiple server rack colocation is available with customized packages to meet your needs. If you lack space, have temperature control issues or are concerned with security, then this is the way to go. State-of-the art data centers are extremely secure and have strict environmental controls including smoke detectors, fire detectors and surveillance cameras.

Superb Internet with their dedicated server hosting has the solutions for you. You'll find everything you need with managed servers, managed services and professional services and an excellent support team to help you through the rough spots so that you have complete understanding. Technical support, security experts, system administrators and network engineers are all available to manage your infrastructure so that you don't have too.

24 July 2010

Make Sure You Web Site Isn't Missing Pieces

A lot of thought needs to go into finding out what webhosting company is the best for you and determining that they have what it takes to meet your Internet needs. Whether you have a web site for blogging or a site for business, you want to have traffic generated so that you can beat out your competitors. You want a company that will help you if you own several web sites and can store lots of data and handle lots of bandwidth.

I didn't know much about web hosting sites when I started my blog. Had I know there was a hosting guide that could help me by identifying and rating sites, this would have made a difference on which site I went with. I could have found an inexpensive but reliable site after comparing the top 10 hosting sites based on price, features, service, reviews and rank. Webhostingrating.com is just the place to go to get an "Internet newbie" started. The information is excellent for comparing sites and learning about each site's history.

22 July 2010

It's Not Golf: A Low Score Is Bad!

When you play golf, you want a low score. When it's your credit, you want a high score. Most everything now revolves around a having a good/excellent credit score. If you're applying for a job, many potential employers are now looking at perspective employee's credit scores to get an idea on how well they manage themselves. A person's score tells a great deal about them. Auto and homeowner insurance companies are now looking at credit history before issuing policies. Often, if the score is bad, a person will have to pay very high premiums if they are not denied altogether.

A credit report is easy to read. It shows a person's financial history. They loans they've had, the timeliness of payments, the level of debt and more are all included. With freescore.com, not only will you have access to three credit scores, there's also identity theft protection available and an identity theft restoration service. In these difficult economic times, identity theft is rapidly increasing. 24/7 credit monitoring is done with all three credit bureaus with email notifications of activity on these reports.

20 July 2010

Get Your Slice of the Pie

When you decide that you want to be on the Internet with a web site, a great deal of thought needs to go into finding out what web hosting company you want and what they can meet your needs. If you have the site for business, you want to have traffic generated so that you can beat out your competitors. You want a company that will help you if you own several web sites, that can store lots of data and handle lots of bandwidth.

Web site owners have been debating the question of automated directory submission since the Internet explosion years ago and the question is "yes" or "no"? You want SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because you want to be found and want to be one the first two pages of a search. Most people only look at the first couple of pages when search results are pulled up and if your site is buried several pages down, you may as well pack up and go home. I don't want automated submission for my two web sites. I want to keep control and not give the information that is necessary to be submitted automatically.

16 July 2010


Growing up in the western side of Massachusetts was great as the east coast had lots of places to visit. My family went to New York often and we took the Staten Island Ferry many times. It was a great ride for $.05 and you got to see the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

The ferry is a passenger ferry that connects lower Manhattan with the borough of Staten Island. The line, which began in 1817, runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's a 5.2 mile ride each way and takes about 22 minutes.

In 1970, the fare was raised to $.25 each way. It's now free of charge as the fare was eliminated in 1997. Bicycles can be brought onto the lowest deck with no charge. In the past vehicles could be brought on board for $3.00 each but autos have not been allowed since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

If you ever get the chance to ride the ferry, this is a trip not to be missed!!!!!

Don't Wear Gloves? Your Hands Can Give You Away!

Hands tell a great deal about a person. Often, you can tell the type of work they do by the condition of their hands and nails. Many professions need the protection offered by work gloves. Not only do they keep hands clean, they offer protection against injury. Today's work gloves come in a variety of colors, style and materials including leather, vinyl and disposable. Fit is very important and gloves can even be custom designed. Even for something as common-place as gardening, work gloves serve a valuable purpose including keeping earthworms from touching the skin. Ugh!

Some work gloves need to be job specific. People who work around chemicals need gloves that are resistant to spills and exposure to chemicals. Magidglove.com offers this type of glove and many more. Heat resistant and cut resistant proprieties are also important. Welding is an occupation that requires high temperatures and a sturdy glove is essential to the safety of the worker. Most of the high temperature resistant gloves are made from split leather with other components including Kevlar. The linings of these gloves are also made from several materials.

If your occupation or business requires study, affordable work gloves, then this is the web site for you!

Are You Up To Your Neck In Debt?

Does it seem like your paycheck gets washed away in a stream of bills and past due notices? In theses difficult economic times, that's happened to many people through no fault of theirs. There is debt relief that can help many people. Working with uniteddebtcounseling.com will give you the solutions that will help keep you financially afloat. You will not have to provide your Social Security number when you make a general inquiry and ask for a quote.

If you don't want to file for bankruptcy and are seeking debt settlement instead, than this is definitely the company to look into. If you have a large amount of debt, debt negotiation may be possible with your creditors. This negotiation can result in the creditor settling for a smaller amount of money that is owed. This will help you with credit bureaus as the status of your account is reported as "settled for .....". Don't put off checking into financial help any longer. Get started today.

15 July 2010

Golfing Paradise

You'll feel like you're in Golfer's Paradise when you book one of the golf packages offered at Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts. When you click onto http://www.myrtlebeachseasideresorts.com/, you'll find Seaside Resorts. Located on North Myrtle Beach it has a white sand beach, a professional staff and all the amenities for your dream vacation. Swimming, sailing, surfing and golf are some of the activities you can do as you let the cares of the daily grind back home float away. Golfers have a choice of 108 golf courses that cater to players of all skill levels. There's something for everyone to do at Myrtle Beach including entertainment, activities and attractions.

Golfing packages are available for golfing at top notch courses including The Cats, Glens Group, Legends and North Bay. Experienced golf agents will help you find the course that suits you best and can also help with housing accomodations and car rentals.

So.....what are you waiting for? Start your vacation fun at: www.myrtlebeachseasideresorts.com.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

FREE is the magic word especially in these difficult economic times and this "freebie" is definitely something worth checking into: real estate owned foreclosures. At freeforeclosureblog.com, you can get a free list of all the bank foreclosure web sites. Millions of people are unable to make their home mortgage payments through job loss or other financially related events, and after they miss just a few monthly payments, they are held in default with the financial lending institution who usually places the property into auction. Sadly, foreclosures will continue to rise until there is a major turn-around in the economy.

When you connect with their web site, you'll be able to find free information on thousands of foreclosure properties with pictures, descriptions and maps available for most of the listings. Free REO (real estate owned) foreclosures are a cost effective way to get a first home or a smaller home for those who are down-sizing.

If you don't know what's out there in real estate properties, you can't get a good deal. With a free foreclosures list, you'll know what's available in any part of the country. Quite often, relocation helps a person's personal or professional life and knowing what's out there is a great way to get started. Best of all this information is FREE!

11 July 2010

Seniors' Credit Card Debt Rising

Many seniors now owe thousands of dollars on several credit cards. Many are trying to help their families in these difficult economic times. Late fees and higher interest rates are pushing the amount owed up. Their debt has grown but their income has not. As mentioned in a 10/17/09 post, Social Security benefits will not increase in 2010. Increases are based on the Cost of living Allowance (COLA). As the government seems, this stayed static for 2009.

Older Americans are carrying debt loads they can barely handle on their fixed incomes. Homes are devalued and many are turning to "reverse mortgages". In 2007, more that 40% of seniors' income was used towards paying down their debts. This was 12.5% higher than any other age group. Those 65 to 74 years of age (11.2%) are contributing a large portion of their money to credit card debt reduction.

Research has shown that on an average, $4,000 of a senior' s credit card debt is towards medical expenses (prescription drugs, dental and doctor visits).

With the "baby boomers" retiring and the projected insolvency of Medicare in 2017, retirees are not feeling comfortable.

source: The Washington Post

It's Never To Late To Get Addiction Help

Whether you or someone you know needs to enter a drug rehab or alcohol rehab program, Axishouse.com is definitely a treatment center that needs to be looked into. Not only do they work with the individual with the addiction (dependence on a substance), they deal with family issues that are connected to the individual's addiction in the family program. Whatever the cause (alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs), the use of that substance temporarily alters the chemicals in the brain. Axis Residential Treatment, located in Palm Springs, CA treats adults with single or multiple addictions. Physical and mental issues are addressed in their 12-step individualized therapy.

Drug treatment and alcohol treatment are necessary for recovery. It's very difficult, and usually impossible, for a person to be successful when they try to battle the addictions by themselves. Screening, assessment, detoxification and counseling are all vital components for recovery and need to be done with experienced professionals. Outpatient aftercare also helps lead to success for the individual.

Axis Residential Treatment is an alcohol treatment center that approaches recovery in a compassionate way requiring the accountability of the patient in a comfortable setting. Team support helps with recovery and in rebuilding lives and restoring families.

10 July 2010

Maybe If I Had A Nicer Mailbox, I'd Get Less Junk Mail

Very seldom do you receive fun mail like birthday cards but the bills keep coming regardless of the type of mailbox you have, so you might as well have one that reflects your style and taste. Dvault mailboxes offers many choices in style, price and size. If you like the unusual but functional, then this is the web site for you. Whether you're looking for residential or commercial, you'll have a large inventory to choose from (with free shipping).

Dvault Company gives you product information for whatever type of mail box you're looking for. Selections including column vaults, wall mount and post mount vaults. Locking is also offered on several styles. Package size is available in several styles. These boxes are very sturdy and weather resistance and are constructed from aluminium or steel. Heights start at 15" to over 70" tall and widths are from 10" to 39.99".

08 July 2010

Skiing, Skiing and More Skiing!!!!

Avid skiers know where the best places to ski are and respond quickly to Breckenridge lodging deals. In these difficult economic people still want vacations and are looking for opportunities where they can get the most "bang for their buck". With Breckenridge lodging (condos, rentals and townhouses) not only is there top-notch skiing, there are biking and hiking trails (through national forests), fabulous shopping, excellent restaurants and nightlife in the town. Breckenridge, an old mining town with hundreds of historic buildings and homes , is known for it's world class skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, fishing, rafting and dog sledding. There are 2,300 skiable acres with 4 peaks and 29 lifts.

Another skiing option to consider is with Frisco lodging. It's also an old historic mining town know for the skiing it opportunities. As it's a little off the beaten path, a quality vacation is less expensive that in a resort town and several different ski areas are available

06 July 2010

Beat The Heat In Big "D"

Hot weather is definitely here and if the air conditioner in your car isn't working, it's going to feel a lot hotter. If you need Dallas auto repair, you'll be able to find a repair shop that meets your needs for experience, affordability and convenience with repairpal.com. You want a mechanic who has more than a blank stare or questioning look on his face as he looks at your car; you want him/her to understand what needs to be done to give you a quality air conditioning repair. Hot, humid weather, especially over a period of time may cause insufficient/no cooling and decreased air-flow inside your vehicle. Water leaks can also damage an auto air conditioning system.

If your vehicle needs a brake job, don't wait until the squeaking and squealing drowns out conversation. By the time that happens you're probably looking at expensive replacement of brakes/brake parts. Brakes are made to slow or stop a car and wear down through use. The pads apply pressure to the rotors and should be periodically inspected before serious and costly damage is done.

If you've decided it's time to get a new vehicle, a Chevrolet Silverado is a vehicle that should definitely be considered. With excellent ratings in drive train, engine, exhaust and emissions, suspension and steering and more, you'll get the most "bang for your buck" with this purchase.

05 July 2010

Have Passport: Will Travel

Over the last three years, I've been working on my "Bucket List" and international travel comes up many times. I've visited several cities and have plans to visit lots more. One trip I'm checking into is a Paris private tour. Beside the Eiffel Tower, there is so much to see and do. There is exquisite Gothic architecture including Notre Dame, The Arc De Triumph and the outsides of many famous museums. The Louvre, one of the world's most noted museums is the home for the French master painters and holds pictures and portraits only seen in books. It also houses Dutch and Flemish masters. Eating is Paris is a gourmet's delight. The street cafes lend to the French atmosphere and make wonderful memories.

Another trip I'd like to do would be London private tour. There's hustle and bustle in the center of the city but a "walk back in time" can be done just a few streets away. The city is steeped in history and much of it can be seen at the British Museum. There's always the Tower of London and Windsor Castle (complete with the stern Beefeater guards) that shouldn't be missed. Again, this is a city that can make life-long memories.

04 July 2010

Watch Out Myrtle Beach: Here I Come!!!!

I am MORE that ready for lots of fun in the sand and surf and by staying in one of the many resorts in Myrtle Beach, the fun will begin just as soon as I get there. At http://avistaresort.com/, you'll get an over view of Avista Resort and see all the things included in your stay at their resort. There's something for everyone in the family including: indoor and outdoor pools, (and a children's swimming pool), fitness facilities, on-site hotel restaurant and Internet access in public areas. Pick your condo and pick your view! You won't be sorry.

There are several excellent golf courses in the area as well as nature preserves and lots of entertainment for the whole family. When you get tired of the ocean, there are neighboring shops where you can wile away the hours buying souvenirs. Your stay at this Myrtle Beach hotel will give you memories to keep you warm in the cold winter months.


Golf courses are all laid out differently; hence the importance of golf course signage. When you play at a new course, you could be in major trouble if you don't know where to go. Just plodding along is not an option when playing. At golfcoursesignshop.com, there's everything from aluminum, bronze and plastic signs to course accessories.

I like golf but golf doesn't like me!!! I'm the type of golfer that the word "duffer" was coined for (my bowling score should be as high as my golf score). I'm a great deal happier when there are golf course signs to follow as I'm directionally dysfunctional and would be lost without them.

There's a golf course sign for everything associated with the course including: yardage plates, information signs, (cart location etc.), driving range target signs, path markers and more.

Where Are You Going?

Do you often wonder where you are when you're trying to get someplace? I've always had difficulty with directions, so I'm very glad when I see address plaques and address signs. I love the ones with the large numbers so that you don't have to be directly at the location before you can read a number, so for me: "the bigger, the better". I like it when the street name is also listed as many streets break off for a turn and then pick up again so it's nice to know I'm still on the same route.

While surfing the web, I found a site that carries signs and plaques: justaddressplaques.com. They carry a large selection of Whitehall products that reflect not only the current trends in color and design but portray popular themes. Rust-free aluminium guarantees a long life for the plaques and signs and years of warm greetings to your home or business. Before a lot of homes and businesses made use of an address sign or address plaque that was noticeable, I would spend a great deal of time stopping and asking for directions especially in a business area, as I find those are the ones who don't have their address clearly visible for the most part. I like it when they are illuminated or are the reflecting kind as they can be seen in the dark.

03 July 2010

Are You Still Watching "Old Television"?

Are you still in the age of the dinosaur when it comes to your television provider, the number of programs you can get, options that are available to make viewing more complete? Come into the age of direct satellite tv. You'll receive a new customer bonus when you switch: free HD tv for life!!! plus 50% off for one year. Get a free on-line price quote and find out about timewarner.com cable tv service rates. Bundling your services will result in better rates when you combine TV, Internet and phone.

Some people are not aware of what goes into the pricing of "cyberspace" services but there is info you should know about tv pricing. Cable rates are regulated by the Local Franchising Authority (LFA). They determine what goes into the "tiers" of service including local broadcast stations. The also enforce FCC rules as to customer service and franchise fees.

Find out today about directv service rates and see the fabulous "extras" you'll receive including upgrades, select premium channels for a period of time. free professional installation and more. There are quite a few packages to choose from with local channels in every package.

02 July 2010

You Won't Believe What's New In Tiles

If you haven't ridden a subway in years, you won't believe what's new in tiles. Subway stations used to be dark and dank but many cities are cleaning them up and are making them attractive with the use of subway tiles. Tiles can be purchased for a specific job at glasstilestore.com and shipping is free with every order. At their web site, you can also print coupons for additional savings ranging from $ off, % off to free offers with purchase.

Tiles are made of beautiful glass so not only are they easy to clean, they're durable and impenetrable too. Whether you're think of getting new tiles for the kitchen back splash, bathroom wall or swimming pool area, they're safe and secure as the glass tiles can't be breached by liquids. They can easily be used outdoors as they're resistant to inclement weather conditions. The tiles are on mesh-backed sheets and are painted on the back so the color won't chip off.

01 July 2010

Life Insurance? Death Insurance?

Sadly life insurance and death insurance are often interchangeable terms. This type of insurance is vital to those who are left behind. Life insurance policies don't pay out benefits until the person dies. Death is devastating enough without leaving financial burdens to loved ones.

In these struggling economic times, people often have trouble paying the premiums on the policy, so they let the insurance fall by the wayside. Spouses/family members are left struggling to make ends meet and often drastic outcomes result from the lack of financial pre-planning. People are not able to pay mortgages, make auto payments and more so on top of grief at the loss, there is often anger at a later date towards the deceased for leaving financial devastation. A small amount of life insurance is better than no no coverage and plans can be tailored to meet current finances.