03 September 2009

Sight Reading For The Piano

Have you always wanted to be the one everybody gathered around at the party? The one who can play the piano? If that's not you, this is definitely the piano course you want.

Yoke Wong's piano sight reading music, designed for beginners to late intermediate piano players, is based on many years of teaching experience with children and adults. Practicing the exercises leads to progress where you'll gain speed and accuracy. Even people who have been playing piano for several years often have trouble with sight reading music and this course will give you the needed advantage.

The course "Mastering The Art of Piano Sight Reading" comes with a 45 minute DVD, 1 CD rom of exercises and a 177 page manual of music exercises which will help you with note recognition, harmonic intervals recognition and melodic intervals recognition. The course also offers a bonus DVD ("Advanced Sight Reading Techniques") with a downloadable study guide to help you play works by the masters including Mozart and Beethoven."

Yoke Wong's sight reading music course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can be ordered online or by using the toll free telephone number.