27 September 2009

SelectAFlush and Fundraising Go Green

Are you just flushing money down the drain every time your toilet is used?

With a dual flush toilet, you'll save money every time. You have two options to choose from: "rinse flush" or "full flush". With the SelectAFlush dual flush kit, any current toilet can be converted to this system. This lets you save money and help the environment at the same time. A family of 7 can save approximately 18,000 gallons of water a year (equal to a swimming pool of water).

Another fabulous use of this system is as a fundraiser. YES!! Fundraising. Tired of the cookies, candy, trail mix, popcorn etc. that many groups and organizations are trying to sell? With school and group budgets being sliced into, what better way than to help fund your after school program?

Families are becoming more aware of the importance of being kind to the environment than ever and by using the SelectAFlush dual flush kit as a fund raising tool to help fund your scouts, you and the group will both "go green" by raising money and helping the environment. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the success your group or organization has with this product.