17 September 2009

Maine Coon Cats

Daffy (short for Daphne) is my 8 year old Maine Coon cat. I think the breed is fabulous. She loves egg salad, likes to sleep in the bath tub and will occasionally watch football on TV with me.

Maine Coons have been on this continent since colonial days and probably came over with the first settlers. One legend is that Maine Coons are descendants of long-haired cats owned by Marie Antoinette. The story goes that she had packed her belongings and cats for the boat trip to America. She was beheaded before she was able to make the trip but supposedly, her cats set sail and landed in Maine. The Coons are America's oldest natural long-haired breed.

Large in size and muscular with wide-set legs and eyes, Coons have heavy shaggy coats with longer hair on the stomach, flanks and tail. Maine Coons come in many colors and patterns including black, white, orange, blue and cream.

They are known for their gentleness and friendliness and are especially good with children and other pets. Despite their size, these cats don't make a lot of noise. A quiet meow is all they usually use.

Maine Coons are especially fond of water. Their coat is water resistant and requires combing only 2-3 times a week to prevent matting. They have tufted ears and an extra long flowing tail and are sturdy, healthy and very adaptable.