27 September 2009

Sak Narwal: a man of many facets

If you're looking for a man of many talents, Sakwinder (Sak) Narwal's name is one that pops up.

A man who enjoys fishing in various places, Sak Narwal does it all. He fishes for sharks off Montauk Point (NY) or landlocked salmon in Lake George. He fishes for bass in Dixon Lake (CA) and brook trout in Roscoe (NY).

As a "catch and release" fisherman, Sak Narwal has gone to some of the most beautiful settings in the world. His interest started at a young age and he wants to know everything about the fish he catches, and their environment. Owning hundreds of lures and rods, Sak is truly dedicated to his enthusiasm for fishing. His ideal day is catching a fish on a "beautiful body of water".

Trying to fish every week, Sak Narwal will fish the Florida Keys (looking for tarpon bonefish) stopping at Little Torch Key, Sugarloaf Key, Big Pine Key and other islands. Sak enjoys mangrove islands and well protected bays and deep channels as it gives the effect of both hunting and fishing.

Fly fishing, sight fishing or any other type, makes a fisherman very happy.