29 May 2011

Extreme Exercise = Mountain Climbing

These days, more and more people are getting into what are known as extreme sports. One of the fist known extreme sports, which was done by millions of people before it ever became an extreme sport, is mountain climbing. This is a fun and exciting way to get plenty of exercise, and, if you can’t get to a mountain, the sport has become so popular that you can find indoor rock walls to climb in just about every city and town across North America. When you get into rock climbing, you will gain strength, improve muscle tone and increase flexibility, all things you need to be able to mountain climb in the first place.

Outdoor Rock Climbing Lets You Commune with the Great Outdoors

When you decide to make rock climbing your sport/exercise of choice, you will be getting into a sport that will really allow you to commune with nature. You will be out there facing the elements, and must use your physical strength to get yourself to the top of the rock or mountain. Rock climbing is great for your cardiovascular system, and when added to the fact that you will be breathing in fresh mountain air, you will be doubling the benefits.

Don’t Let Foul Weather Stop You

Often, especially for those of us living in North America, we don’t always live in an area where the weather is good enough to mountain climb year-round. But, you don’t need to let this stop you. As we mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of places where you can climb on indoor rock walls, and you get pretty much the same benefits as outdoor rock climbing, with the exception of the great scenery and fresh air. But, it’s better than nothing, and you’ll more than likely have loads of fun doing this as well as climbing outdoors.

Wear the Right Gear

You need specific gear for most sports to ensure safety, but this is especially true with mountain climbing. You need to wear clothing that is comfortable and not constricting, but that is not loose-fitting either, because you don’t want pant legs or sleeves catching on rocks and branches, causing you to lose your footing or grip. Make sure that you wear a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, and wear the proper footwear. If you are unsure of what you need, talk to a sporting goods expert to get the right gear.

Once you have your gear, and a place to climb, you’re all set to start off on many fun and exciting adventures that are going to help keep you in awesome shape.

***check with a medical professional before starting any exercise/diet program***

28 May 2011

Specialty Merchandise Corporation

Specialty Merchandise Corporation (SMC) located in California, has been offering members a great way to earn income. For several decades, they have used a warehousing system to store wholesale quantities of goods/gifts for purchase so that members can resell the items they purchase for a profit as they set their own retail price.

SMC offers it's members the opportunity to find the segment(s) of the market that best meets their retail options so they'll purchase the products/gifts/items that will have the greatest resale value. With the wide range of things offered, there is a niche for every person and location. An SMC Corp review shows what is available to members to help them be successful. The main item is a membership kit that has catalogues and order forms and free items (valued at up to $100.00) that can be used as samples. These samples are based on the membership plan so that they are relevant to the person's needs.

27 May 2011

Be Your Own Boss Today!

Looking for extra income or are thinking about starting your own business and becoming your own boss? If this sounds like you, why not look into Speciality Merchandise Corp? In business for over sixty years, they provide thousands of products, which you get at lower than market value, and then resell at your price. How do you know what to sell? Trying to sell everything is usually not the best option. Try to research a product or line of similar products that will do well especially in the given economy. That way, you can target your marketing and your approach to potential buyers.

SMC products ( offered through their warehouse) has itemss such as giftware, general merchandise and more that a person buys and then sells for their own profit. SMC wholesale is a totally different business concept of business ownership that is helping people gain their independence! What are you waiting for? Check it out today!

20 May 2011

Emergency Vehicles & Speed

SHOULD EMERGENCY VEHICLES respond to calls at high rates of speed?

Do people always hear the sirens and see the flashing lights?

Do motorists pull out of the way in enough time?

Do motorists even try to get out of the way?

Is there anything that can be done to help fix the problems of motorist-emergency vehicle crashes?

Emergency vehicles traveling at high speeds = a serious problem with many questions and few answers.

17 May 2011

A Safer Place For Mail

All mail boxes are not created equal. If you live in a complex where there are apartment mailboxes or community mailboxes, then you know the importance of having a secure place for your mail. All of the mailboxes offered by ApprovedClusterMailboxes are approved by the USPS (United States Postal Service). Available in many styles, sizes and finishes, there's something to fit every one's specific need.

CBU mailboxes come with a complete line of accessories including locker pedestals and pedestal wraps. Cluster mailboxes don't have to be drab and dull any more. Made in attractive colors from aluminum (keeps them rust free) they can have as many as 16 mailboxes in one cluster. No matter what type of cluster mailboxes are needed, there's free shipping and low price protection.

Protect Your Car

Once your car has left the dealership, it loses it's value but if you need repair work after your car warranty has expired, you're usually in for surprisingly high repair/replacement costs. In this economy, it may not be possible to pay for the work without an extended warranty.

Are you locked out of your car? Do you need to be towed? Do you have a flat tire that you can't change? Has your battery died and left you stranded? If this sounds like you, then now is the time to look into the coverage provided by an auto warranty that helps you through these difficult situations.

16 May 2011

Let The Fun Begin!

The age of technology is changing rapidly and if you're a person who likes to be up on the newest advances, why not look into iPhone 4 video converter. You can transfer iPhone videos, audio and photo files to iTunes. This transfer is usable for all iPhone models so you don't need to buy another one to do the transfers. Photos can be placed into different albums for ease of use.

What to try another fun transfer? Use the iPhone 4 Ringtone Maker. Save money by transferring your current, favorite ringtones directly. Not only can you convert them from one piece of equipment to another, you can make new ones also and save lots of money. No more purchasing ringtones!!! Let your creativity flow.

Stop The Harassment Today!

You've been placed in a deep financial hole along with millions of other people due to a poor economy. You might have lost your job due to the famous "downsizing" and have not been able to secure another position. Your bills are piling up and you're possibly facing bankruptcy.

Your financial problems don't mean that you have to be harassed by your creditors. There is protection under the Fair Debt Collection Act. You can not be verbally, mentally or physically abused in order for someone to collect on a debt (an obligation to pay money for a transaction whether from something tangible or intangible). The Act covers many things to help protect the debtor from cruel collection practices.

An Easy Choice

Do you want to get a college education but can't afford one of the big name schools? Do you have to work so you don't have the time to be a full time student? Years ago, these questions would have presented a problem but not today! Online courses are just a mouse click away.

Not sure what your course of study should be? Not a problem. Think of what your interests are or where your talents lie. If you're athletic, why not look into online degree programs in sports management? Take the first step and check into http://studentaid2.ed.gov/gotocollege/collegefinder/advanced_find.asp today. Higher education is an option for everyone so there's no reason to say "I can't afford college" anymore.

A Fabulous Downtown Vancouver Hotel

I love to travel and one of the things that is at the top of my list is where I'll be staying. Lodging can make or break a vacation. Not only do I want something that looks clean, I want it to be really clean so one of the first things I check is the condition of the bathroom. To me, that's the true test of a clean hotel.

The Loden, a downtown Vancouver hotel located in Coal Harbour, fills the bill. It's a luxury hotel at an affordable price. Ceiling to floor windows offer a spectacular view of the mountains and whether travel is for business or pleasure, this hotel offers amenities to soothe the weary traveler.

Food In Outer Space

Astronauts' food has always been a concern. One of their favorite foods is "mac and cheese" stored in a shrink-wrapped brick. According to NASA, this is the comfort food they crave most. But when they blast off for Mars in 2030, this won't be available as the see-through package traps moisture and oxygen so it would spoil before eaten.

The manager of NASA's advanced food technology says this is one of the issues she and her staff of 15 have to consider when they make up menus for missions.. The menu needs to be light and nutritious, tasty and durable enough to withstand the years-long mission to Mars.

Missions of that length have enough food for 6,759 breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks (enough food to feed 6 people for more than 3 years). Each person is allowed 3.2 pounds of food per day with each dish needing a five year shelf life.

As space missions got longer over the years, NASA moved away from the toothpaste like containers that held vegetable purees. Meals began to resemble real food: dehydrated sausage patties, fruit cocktail and spaghetti with meat sauce. Today, food on missions includes freeze-dried shrimp, beef fajitas and cherry-blueberry cobbler.

Source: Los Angeles Times

15 May 2011

All That Glitters

Did you know that if you had invested $25,00.00 in a gold IRA a decade ago, it would be worth over $100,00.00 today. Talk about ROI (return on investment)!!!! It's not too late to get into an IRA gold account and see your portfolio grow daily. Gold is currently at an all time high.

You can also invest in a gold 401K or do a gold IRA transfer. Gold has always held a solid monetary position and is one of the few precious metals that has increased in value at an astronomical rate. 401K gold is not affected by the environment and can not be devalued by governments or bankers.

12 May 2011

Credit Card Fraud?

Are you the victim of credit card fraud? Has someone used your credit card without your permission or has someone opened a credit card in your name without your knowledge? If this has happened to you, now is the time to get a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney to help you clear your name and restore your credit.

Without the help of a Fort Lauderdale lawyer, you might find yourself dealing with the law enforcement system on your own even for something such as telemarketing fraud. If you are accused of tax fraud, it might be prudent to get the help of a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer before you find yourself overwhelmed by the charges.

11 May 2011

Jim Carrey: A Gift To Comedy

Contribution by Paula Gonzales

He made me laugh when he wore that green mask. He made me fall in love with him in “Yes Man”, and he made me cry on “The Truman Show”. Jim Carrey's versatility in acting is a rare gift concentrated into just one man. He is like a little box full of surprises.

I will never forget his roles in “Ace Ventura”, “Liar Liar”, “Dumb and Dumber” and how much he freaked me out when he played the “http://www.expertsatellite.com his brilliant performance as Andy Kaufman in “Man on the Moon” and he was so perfect for the role. The flexibility of his face makes it seem like it was made out of rubber. I bet he can make over a hundred different faces. Sometimes I think he must have the strongest facial muscles underneath his skin.

The best about Jim Carrey is the passion he devotes to each and every performance, whether in a movie, an interview, or a stand up comedy. Mind, body and soul, all connected with one objective in mind, make people laugh.

08 May 2011

Toning & Building Leg Muscles

Dumbbell squats are easy leg exercises that can help build muscles in your legs such as your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Your lower back is also trained as a bonus with this exercise. This will help you train your legs in the absence of a squat rack, which is required for squats that use barbells. Because you are using dumbbells instead of barbells, you must exercise extra effort in keeping your back straight. You have an increased tendency of leaning forward while performing the workout as you lower and raise your legs. And for safety measures, you must choose your weights wisely. It is better to start with a lighter set of weights rather than beginning your activity with heavy ones to prevent strain and injury to your arms, back, and legs. This way, you will be able to choose a set of weights that are light to avoid getting injured, but heavy enough so you can get the full benefit of your workout.

Stand up straight while holding a set of dumbbells in each hand. If you are having difficulty holding the dumbbells, you can use a wrist strap to stabilize your grip. Rotate your wrists so that your palms are facing the side your legs. Spread your legs at shoulder’s breadth with your feet pointed slightly outwards for balance. Your head, neck, and back must be in straight alignment. Keep this for your starting position.

Inhale as you lower yourself down by bending at the knees. Refrain from looking down as you do so, and keep yourself from leaning forward. Keep your torso and arms stationary as you let your legs do all the work. This will help center the motion on your legs and protect your arms and back from getting injured. Stop once your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees are at level with your toes. Maintain this position for a second while keeping the tension in your legs, then exhale as you slowly push yourself up to starting position by extending your knees. Be sure not to let your knees go pass your toes to prevent causing undue pressure on your knees. Repeat for 2 sets with 15 reps each.

***check with a medical professional before starting any exercise/diet program***

04 May 2011

Software Testing

Running into problems with your software? Losing a lot of time testing and troubleshooting for the problem(s)? Getting frustrated and ready to throw all the computers against the wall and start from scratch?

STOP the anxiety! You can get help from a software testing company: Janova. For as little as $10.00 a month with no long-term commitment, you can take advantage of their basic, professional , enterprise or jump start programs. With the jump start program, your account will have the expertise of an account manager and two analysts for 20 days. Each of the programs offers something that will fit every business need. A free trial is available to help a business get a better understanding of the services offered.

Looking For Extra Income?

If you're looking for extra income or are thinking about starting your own business, why not consider Service Merchandise Corporation (SMC)? In business for over six decades, you will be provided with thousands of products (which you get at lower than market value) that you can sell . How do you know what to sell? Trying to sell everything is usually not the best option. Try to research a product or line of similar products that will do well especially in the given economy. That way, you can target your marketing and your approach to potential buyers.

The SCM corp follows the idea of warehousing products (giftware, general merchandise etc.) that a person buys and then sells for their own profit. Sometimes there are Speciality Merchandise Corporation complaints that are received because people do not understand the buy/sell process but the company takes every complaint seriously and checks them out.

Don't Lose The Memories

It doesn't matter how you photographs got damaged. It could be due to age, poorly stored conditions, fire, flood, tornado and more. But that doesn't mean those precious memories have to be tossed. Photo restoration services Austin can help! If there is water damage, the most important thing is to get the photographs dried as quickly as possible. They have drying centers where large items can be taken to dry out.

If you've had a fire or a broken water pipe, the water damage to your residence is devastating. If your house has been flooded, you don't even know how to begin the clean-up process. It's especially difficult if marble is involved and one professional comapny that can help is http://www.thesteamteam.com/ (The Steam Team). They have the experience and knowledge to treat marble correctly during the entire process. Do you have problems with your pets using the carpet as a litter box or grass? Again, not a problem with urine odor removal. Their power rinsing will completely remove odors from your carpet.

02 May 2011

The Demand For Gold Skyrockets!

The demand for gold is growing rapidly even as the price of gold skyrockets. Much has been said lately both in the news and in print about the rising price and value of gold. Whether you're a seasoned gold investor or are new to this precious metal, you need to stay informed about the current gold price.

Gold prices were much lower years ago. Here is an amazing fact that will make you wish you had invested in gold a few years back. $25,000.00 of gold bullion purchased in the 70's would be worth at least $524,999.00 today. Inflation, the oil crisis, the Internet and more have not effected the value of gold in the long term.

Who decides the spot gold price? That's done by a group of five banks in London. The first time t his was done was in 1919. Gold spot (a common search term), deals in the price of gold in British pounds, U.S. dollars and euros.

Do Violent Video Games= Poor Social Skills?

When you play a video game, you might be improving your vision and some brain functions according to research. For years there has been controversy surrounding violent video games as to whether they contribute to or induce aggressive or violent behavior in the people who play them. Violence is usually defined as "acts of an aggressive nature with the intent of causing harm". The gaming industry looks strongly at research when designing games.

Things that are considered in designing/playing violent videos include:

*the level of involvement
*the depiction of the violence
*the effects of continued exposure to violence
*the justification of the violence
*the difference between fantasy and reality

Daphne Bavelier, an assistance professor in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Rochester says that people who play the fast-paced games have "better vision, better attention and better cognition." Sigmund Tobias (State University of New York at Albany)said that an Israeli air force study found that students who played the game "Space Fortress" had better rankings in their pilot training than students who did not. He also said that students who plated "pro-social" games that promoted cooperation were more likely to help others.

It was generally agreed that video games (whether violent or not) test memory skills, eye-hand coordination, the ability to detect small activities on the screen and improve math performance and other brain tasks.

01 May 2011

Affordable Fashionable

"Rain! Rain! Go away: come back again some other day". Remember this old children's song? In my part of the country, we've had enough rain to last for the next 10 years! Umbrellas, rain coast and Hunter Boots like the one pictured, help keep you dry. Available as tall or ankle boots, they'll keep your toes comfy. Look bright colors? Like darker colors? Not a problem; there's a color to match every one's style.

Looking for an edgy shoe? Why not see what's available in Stuart Weitzman shoes? Low heel, high heel, flats, fabric, suede, leather and more! The only problem you'll run into, is trying to decide on the pair you want. Leopard and snake prints can bring out your wild side. Heels, slings and wedge. Which one to choose? Have fun reading a women's shoe blog to really find out what's happening in the shoe and boot world.

27 April 2011

Charleston Homes: Buying? Selling?

Many people are finding it necessary to move due to the sluggish economy of the last few years. One of the desired locations in real estate is the Charleston area. Relocating is usually difficult but an experienced realtor can make the move less painful.

Karen Koerner, a licensed realtor with three decades experience working in real estate and with Charleston homes, knows the area well and has helped many families find the perfect fit. Ms. Koerner can find the ideal existing residence or work with a family on new-house construction. Having moved 14 times herself, she understands the stress involved in moving. Have you had your house up for sale for months, maybe even years and it's just not moving in this slow economy? Are you stressed because you need to sell your house because you're facing foreclosure or you've been lucky enough to get a job in another city and have to find a new home? Ms. Koerner has the professional experience and knowledge of the housing market that you need to get the job done!

26 April 2011

Ponzi Schemes: Will They Ever End?

The picture of the man at the left is that of Charles Ponzi (taken in 1910) who had a pyramid money scheme named after him. A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that repays returns to investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors. Ponzi concocted the scheme in 1919 involving investments in postal currency, People were cheated out of $10 million . He was eventually jailed for wire fraud and deported back to Italy in 1934.

In 2009, according to The Associated Press, nearly four times as many of theses investor schemes fell apart as in 2008. The scheme is extremely simple: investors are attracted by promises of high profits paid with money from an ever increasing pool of new investors. There's no reserve fund.

Charles Ponzi became famous for using the investment technique in the early 1920's. He didn't invent the scheme: it was described in Charles Dicken's 1857 novel Little Dorritt. Ponzi took in so much money in his operation that he was the first person known for it throughout the United States and the fraud was named after him.

These Ponzi schemes usually collapse on themselves. Bernard Madoff had the ability to deceive individuals and institutional investors (as well as security authorities) for long periods of time. His variation on the Ponzi scheme is the largest financial investor fraud in history committed by a single person ($64.8 billion). Madoff pleaded guilty and is serving a 150 year prison sentence. More than 150 Ponzi schemes collapsed in 2009 including a $1.2 billion one by a dis-barred lawyer Scott Rothstein. These huge financial failures have resulted in many fraudulent schemes being brought to the attention of the authorities.

source: The Associated Press

Ready To Print But Don't Have Ink?

Ready to print something but just found out that you're out of Dell ink in your cartridge? Whether it's something that's vital for a business meeting or something personal, the result is the same: you're stuck! The days of hand written letters, homework and office work is no more. Almost everything is written on computers and then printed.

Printer ink can be very expensive and it's easy to go through a cartridge in a short time. At inkgrabber.com, you can purchase Dell ink cartridges at affordable prices. Dell printer ink is available for all the major brands including Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, Kodak, HP and more. Laser and inkjet printers will function whether a new or remanufactured cartridge is used so why not get the work done in the most economical way possible?

23 April 2011

The Egyptian Goddess: Bast

Bast (also known as Baset or Bastet), was said to be the daughter of Ra who was first known as the Sun Goddess but after contact with the Greeks was changed to the Moon Goddess. Bast was so loved by the Egyptians that the city of Bubastis, a trade major center, was named in her honor. There was also a temple to Bast located in the harbor.

Usually portrayed as a woman with a cat's head, she is often shown holding loaves of bread, perfume bottles and accompanied by kittens, Bast represents feminine qualities including cosmetics, perfume, oils, fine art and jewelry.

19 April 2011

Go Beyond A High School Education

You've graduated from high school. Now what? No finances to pursue a college education and don't know what to do with your life? If this is you, there are many college scholarships that are going unclaimed. Many people are not aware of the obscure scholarships that are out there. Everyone knows about academic and sports scholarships, but have you ever heard about some of the more unusual ones?

There are scholarships for left handed students available. Yes! That's right. Picasso, Babe Ruth, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are among the noted left handed people. If you're thinking more about the medical field, why not look into scholarships for medical students? You don't have to be a doctor. There's money available for medical assistant training also.

Healthy Eating = Healthy Heart

Is it difficult to get the proper nutrients you need in your diet? Without them we are prone to a number of health problems. Instead of cooking a healthy meal after a long day at work, people often pick up some take-out on the way home. This is fine once in a while. But if this is something that is a lot more common than eating healthy, you need to take steps to make sure that you get all of the nutrients you need.

Although dietary supplements are really a 20th century thing, the ingredients used to make them have been used by people for thousands of years, in order to stay healthy and even treat illnesses. In fact, some of those treatments are the basis for much of today’s medicines. There are a number of uses for dietary supplements, including:

* To treat diseases and other illnesses

* To prevent illnesses

* To aid in weight loss

* To aid in weight gain

Many physicians recommend that their patients use dietary supplements if they have certain health issues, such as an inability to eat, meaning they are not getting the proper nutrients. Some doctors recommend dietary supplements to patients who are very obese, as a means of kick starting their weight loss.

Not all dietary supplements are safe, and in some cases, may even be dangerous. It is really important to discuss any dietary changes, including the addition of supplements, with your physician. He or she will be able to help you choose which one is best for you, based on your medical history and lifestyle. Some of the negative effects of dietary supplements include:

* Allergic reactions

* Interaction with prescription medication

* Poor manufacturing of supplements can lead to a number of health issues

Dietary supplements have their good and their bad features but for most people who use them, they are the best way for them to get all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to be healthy and happy, not to mention maintain a healthy weight and look terrific. There are many different types of dietary supplements and the one you choose will depend on your dietary needs.

***Check with a medical professional before using any supplements or starting a diet***

For Zombie Lovers Everywhere!!!!!

Love online games that offer lots of challenges and levels? Want to be able to create your own Zombie? You can when you use the Zombatar! In a new game from Gamehouse (GH) your Zombie will take on all challengers and challenges when you play Plants vs. Zombies.

Use powerful plants to battle the Zombies that keep on surging to destroy what's in their path as they move forward. Wonderful and beautiful graphics enhance this game along with mini-games that can be played along the way.

Scrubs, Scrubs & More Scrubs

Nursing uniforms and scrubs used to be either white or drab blue or drab grey. Today, they are making a fashion statement and medical personnel have fabulous color choices. Many of the new uniforms and scrubs are wrinkle resistant which is very important for the long hours the professionals spend on the job. Made from high quality fabric, they are stylish as well as functional. Manufactured in the United States, they feature stitching on the pockets of the scrub bottoms and matching stitching on the pocket of the scrub top. Blueskyscrubs.com offers flare-leg or boot-cut bottoms and tapering waist tops (surgical hats that match the uniforms are also available).

If you're looking for a lab coats, you'll find them also. Made of a wrinkle-resistant, teflon-protected cotton (100%), they're piped in slate gray. They fall just above the knee and have plenty of pockets. Orders totaling over $155.00 (excluding gift certificates, tax and additional shipping) are shipped free.

15 April 2011

A Better Used Car

Looking to get rid of the "old heap"? You might not be able to afford a new car, but there are many excellent, available used cars in Chicago. You can select a car by make, year, mileage, the features you want it to have and more. Worried about the history of the vehicle? Ask for a Carfax report to put your mind at ease.

Have you been thinking about getting a Audi A6? Maybe one that has a metallic exterior? An Audi that gets great mileage? You'll get excellent, experienced help every step of the way whether you have a vehicle to trade-in or not and a vehicle that fits into your budget. In these difficult economic times, a reliable used car is a necessity.

Is Your Breath Icky?

Most people have bad breath at sometime but some foods and drinks can be the cause of the problem. Dr. Harold Katz, author of "The Bad Breath Bible" talks about the subject in his book. We all know the onions and garlic contribute to bad breath. Cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts are also culprits. These vegetables have high concentrations of sulphur compounds. The sugar and dairy proteins in chocolate candy helps promote bad breath.

Many mouthwashes and toothpaste formula are the same as they were 100 years ago. Many mouthwashes still contain a high concentration of alcohol which dries out the mouth. Some toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate (the chemical term for soap).

To keep fresh breath, avoid sugar. Look for sugar-free products. Drink plenty of water and drink tea instead of coffee.

Source: The Flint Journal

13 April 2011

The Right Boots For The Job

If your job requires good work boots that offer protection in hot and cold weather and are cost effective, then the red boots pictured on the left are not the ones you'd choose. Coastalboots.com is the site that offers a wide range of style, material and price. Have a wide foot? EE width is not a problem. Looking for a tall boot or a low athletic back? Again, not a problem.

Steel toe work boots made of leather and thinsulate with a Goodyear outsole or a snap on/pull on full grain leather boot with an ASTM rated steel toe also are available in a wide width. Caterpillar brand offers a steel toe athletic boot and Dayton has a lace up oxford. Work shoes are no longer the ugly, uncomfortable things they used to be. There is a great selection to meet every one's work needs.

Joey Houssian Faces The Media

Remember the game children played where they whisper something to someone, then that person whispers what they heard (or think they heard) to the next person and it passes on down the line of children? When they get to the last child in line, he/she says what they heard (or thinks they heard). Does it even come close to the original statement? Usually not! It's probably not even close.

This is similar to what happens in the business world where something has been stated and is not the truth. Joey Houssian of Outdoor Adventures is responding to a statement that 100 of the company's sled dogs were slaughtered because the company is in financial difficulty. Facing the media, he responded and pointed out that the accusation from an employee is under investigation but he takes "moral responsibility" for everything that happens within his company.

Outdoor Adventures Responds

All of us read the newspapers, watch the news on television or get the latest information from the Internet. How accurate is the information that we are given? Does the reporter have all the facts? Is the Internet source reliable? Is the newspaper slanted in it's views? Sometimes information is not what it seems.

Outdoor Adventures, owner of sled dogs that reportedly slaughtered 100 dogs to help reduce the costs to their slumping financial bottom line, is responding to these accusations. Company spokesman Joey Houssian responded with a letter to the newspaper (Vancouver Sun) and an interview stating that the company didn't know about the huge number of dogs that were killed or how they were slaughtered following the accusations of an employee. The charge is under investigation.

11 April 2011

Let It Rain! The Metal Roofing Can Handle It!

Spring is really here! Looking around outside, I've seen over a dozen robins already (5 at one time), buds are appearing on trees and tender shoots are popping up (hope the squirrels give them a chance to grow this year). Looking around the neighborhoods, I've seen quite a few roofs that didn't survive the winter well.

Many will need re-roofing (April showers have arrived full force in my area and can do serious damage to old roofs) and a great way to go would be with metal roofing. Initially, it's a little more expensive than traditional roofing shingles, but in the long run, the investment pays for itself. These roofs are almost maintenance free and are lightweight so that the support beams of a structure bear less weight. They can also be recycled and the best part is that this type of roofing can usually be installed over an existing roof reducing cost as there is no removal that needs to be done.

08 April 2011

Exercise For Breast Cancer Survivors

For many years, breast cancer survivors have been getting bad advice according to an article by Marilynn Marchione of the Associated Press. For decades, doctors warned that lifting heavy objects like groceries or weights would cause arm swelling.

New research gathered in a federally funded study, shows that weight training helps prevent this problem. Dr. Eric Winer, breast cancer chief at the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston, states that women who do lifting have had fewer arm problems because they had better muscle tone and increased bone strength.

More than 2.4 million Americans are breast cancer survivors and this study could make a big difference in their quality of life. Lifting weights, which boosts muscle mass and bone strength, was thought to be a bad idea for women prone to lymphedema (a build-up of fluids that causes painful swelling of the arms or hands).

In the study, half of the women were told not to change their exercise habits. The other half were given 90 minute weight-lifting classes twice a week for 13 weeks. Wearing custom-fitted compression garments on the affected arm, they gradually worked up to more challenging weights and repetitions. They continued the exercises on their own for an additional 39 weeks. Their arms were measured monthly. The weight-lifters reported fewer symptoms and greater strength that the non-weight lifters.

06 April 2011

Time To Get Rid Of The Clunker

Hopefully your car isn't in this bad shape but now may be the time to upgrade. If you're looking for a great deal on used cars in Utah, this is the web site for you. You can view the inventory from a dealer close to you.

Do you want to look into a pre-owned Ford Focus and live in Orem or Salt Lake City? Check them out by year, model, mileage, interior, manual/automatic, color and more. Want to have a CD player, front impact airbags and four wheel suspension? Not a problem. Want one of the Nissan models? There's plenty to choose from including Quest, Pathfinder, Altima and Frontier. There's a used car out there just waiting for you to drive it away.

Don't Wait! It's Not Too Late!

You haven't been able to save any money for your old age. Bills, bills and more bills prevent you from saving. Does that sound like you? Whether you're just starting your first job or have retirement in sight within the next few years, it's never too early or late to start planning for your financial future. Every little bit helps no matter how small the amount is. Financial planning needs to be done by everyone especially in these tough economic times. You"ll learn how to do stock trading and become financially successful with Firstrade.

If you decide to do business with an online trading company, you'll be placing your financial future into trusted and experienced hands at www.firstrade.com. The important thing for a person of any age is to have a program for regular saving and investing. If you had started 5 years ago, imagine what $10.00 would be worth today. To plan for retirement, you could open an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). This government offering can be tax deferred or tax exempt.

Firstrade is an online broker that can help you find answers to your questions. After you've spent years raising a family, getting your children through college, seeing them get married and are now enjoying your grandchildren, you want to be able to enjoy your "golden years" in style and be comfortable knowing that you're not going to outlive your money.

It's never too late to set up IRA accounts with the purchase of gold bullion or coins. Even when the world economy was low in the last several years, gold kept it's value. An ounce of gold has seen a continuous increase in value and is still recognized around the world as a solid monetary commodity. Buy and sell orders can also be placed with mobile trading.

04 April 2011

Get Out Of The Dark Ages

When I was in school learning how to write, we used fountain pens that had to be dipped into an ink bottle(I know, I'm giving away my age)! Then the ball point pen became very popular and fountain pens became a thing of the past, for the most part.

Enter the age of COMPUTERS!!!! What an innovation that was. No longer did someone have to hand write anything. As time passed computers got smaller and smaller and their capabilities became greater and greater. Printers have kept pace with the changes in technology too. Whether the demands you put on your printer are large or small, brother.com.au is the source to use. Whether you're looking for laser or LED printers, there's something to meet every one's needs and budgets. With high performance and low operating costs, this is the way to go.

Fun When You're On The Go!

Love to travel, visit or stay in new places? Not sure where to go to find hotels and coffee shops that are reflective of your alternative life style? Not a problem. You'll enjoy lots of places where you'll be very comfortable in your surroundings and with the people you'll meet. A unique place to visit is the renovated home of Gianni Versace (a noted fashion designer) in Florida which is now an exquisite hotel with a friendly restaurant where one will spend as much time looking at the surroundings as at eating.

Thinking about visiting the Las Vegas area of Nevada? Find fabulous deals at fabulous hotels, casinos and resorts including the Excalibur, Planet Hollywood, Luxor and more but be very aware that alternative lifestyles are not widely accepted there. As the saying goes: "it's a nice place to visit" but not to reside in.

01 April 2011

Medical Help And Your Computer

Are you new to the area because of a move? Traveling and someone gets sick? It's not as hard as you might think to find a doctor in your state. If you've recently moved to a state (Delaware for example). there's an easy way to find doctors that are locally located. There's a site that lists doctors by state. Click onto the state to bring up a listing of doctors by city. Looking for a specialty doctor? This site helps you with that also.

If you need to find a Nevada critical care specialist, your search is just a mouse click away. Once on the site, click on the name of the city you need and a list of specialist's names will come up. Click onto the individual names to find out what their medical field is. You'll find information on their education/schooling, their background, what kind of insurance they accept and more. Then call to set up an appointment! Easy as that!!!!

29 March 2011

Sick Or Healthy? Your Choice

Technology is advancing rapidly almost on a daily basis and this leaves computers more susceptible to spam, hacking and more. Some computers get very infected and can't recover. Their replacement can be a major expense.

With security software from BitDefender, you can stop any problems before they start. 3PC's can get coverage against viruses and more for as low as $79.95 a year. It's easier to protect a computer than to try and rid it of a virus or malware. Files are automatically backed up and advance warning is given if a website looks risky. Two-way firewalls monitor connections and prevent unauthorized users. Files that are not needed are automatically needed which helps increase computer speed. Spam and unwanted emails and attachments are also eliminated.

27 March 2011

Make Your Special Day Extra Special

The day that every little girl has waited for: her wedding day. You want everything to be perfect from the wedding invitations, the ceremony, the reception and more. Toledo wedding florists can help make this happen. Hafner Florists, in business for over 18 years, work within the bride's budget and even have bridal items that can be rented. They can dry and preserve the wedding flowers too.

Wedding flowers Toledo know the current fashions for weddings and can use feathers and plumes and rhinestones to make a wedding even more memorable. The will also include mementos in the bridal bouquet. Many bridal couples are having eco-friendly weddings by using recyclable containers and glass. Wedding florists in Toledo have the fashionable colors for the 2011 bridal season that include red, burgundy and aqua.

Calves/Lower Leg Exercises

One common complaint from people serious about their physiques is calf development – or lack thereof. It seems like you can try just about any thing and every thing to make your calf muscles respond, but these lower leg muscles just don't develop.

It's frustrating to have all the pieces in place, except for one. If your quadriceps are large and in good shape, but you have pencil-thin calves, it can be embarrassing. Well, you can whip those calves into shape; it's just going to take a little bit of creative work and determination. Here are a few exercises to help you get your calf muscles in shape.

Standard Toe Raises. This is the classic calf exercise. You put weights on your shoulder, like you were going to do a squat, but you simply push up and raise your heels high, getting up onto the balls of your feet. The problem that many people have is they use weights that are too light for this exercise. Try using 50% or your squat max in the calf raise and see how many repetitions you can do. If you can do more than ten, take the weight up to 60%. Keep doing this until you get to a weight that only allows you to do four to six clean repetitions. Keep blasting away at that weight range until you can get up to 10 reps, and then add more weight.

Triple-Box Jumps. This is a plyometric exercise that will leave your calf muscles screaming for mercy. Hop off of an 18 inch high box or bench into a full squat, then jump as high as you can. Don't stop there though, for a full repetition, do three quick, explosive toe jumps, using only your calf muscles. Then climb back on the box and do it again. If you can get through this for five cycles, add two more toe jumps and start over again.

To get your calf muscles to grow, try new things. Change weights used, repetitions done and exercise order every four to six weeks to keep these muscles confused and growing at a rapid pace.

***check with a medical professional before starting any diet/exercise program***

26 March 2011

A Mailbox Of Any Size

If you need commercial mailboxes or cluster mailboxes then justcommercialmailboxes.com is the website to visit. Horizontal, vertical and free standing are among the many styles offered. Need replacement parts and accessories for the mailboxes you already have. Check their huge inventory and be surprised by the low prices. The mailboxes are USPS (United States Postal Service) approved.

Not only do the sell apartment mailboxes and CBU mailboxes, they also carry a line of accessories and replacement parts. They also offer safes and "key keepers", along with bicycle racks, backless and high back benches, litter receptacles and planters. Many products are currently on sale and can be ordered online any time. If you'd rather talk with someone, there's a toll free number that offers friendly customer service.

25 March 2011

Help Your Company's Bottom Line

The bottom line of any business budget has always been top priority if the company is going to survive. However, in the last few years with a suffering economy, it's now more important than ever that there are checks and balances especially where tangible products are concerned. That's where product fulfillment comes in.

What is fulfillment? It's using the services of a third party business for warehousing and pick & pack. The monitoring services offered by AMS Fulfillment help in many aspects of a business including monitoring of operating coasts and protection of the warehouse products(s). Companies can warehouse as few or as many thousands of products as they need to. Order fulfillment means that orders/inventory can be processed through AMS' system on a timely basis to meet a client's need. Special orders and priorities are never a problem either.

23 March 2011

Look Fabulous Not Funny

NO! Glasses don't have to make you look funny or awful! I've worn glasses since the 5th grade and the "hot" style at that time was the cat's-eye glasses (I know: I'm giving away my age with that statement). Looking back on them now, I can't believe we thought we looked fantastic.

Today, glasses fit the personality and fashion trends. I'm always looking for fashionable frames at affordable prices but I can honestly say, that without optical insurance, most of the frames aren't within my price range. An option that's open to me is to buy a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses on line through Zenni Optical. They offer an extensive selection of top-quality frames made from different materials and with many choices of lenses and tints at very affordable prices. Here you get your money's worth with frames starting at $6.95 and quality is not sacrificed. Featured on ABC TV again for their service and quality, this optical company not only has a national customer base, they also have international customers due to the many options that are offered when purchasing a pair of glasses. Looking for anti-scratch protection? UV protection? A lightweight lens? Bifocal or progressive? Stop looking. Your search stops here!!!

Yummy! Good!

Tiger Chef, in business for 3o years, has solutions for any bakery need. Not only does a company have to make tasty, eye catching cakes, pastries and other goodies, they also need a way to keep the finished product safe and sanitary. Bakery display cases are the perfect way to do this. Not only does a customer get to see the goods, but the display cases keeps them from inadvertently reaching out to touch something that looks especially tempting. My mother-in- law started making wedding cakes in her home and protecting and keeping the cakes sanitary was always a problem until her business grew large enough for her to branch out and get a small store. Whether a business needs small counter top displays, sneeze guards, dome/display covers, larger curved display cases, refrigerated cases and more, there's a product available to meet their needs. Some cases are as long as 73" long and come in various heights. Many are on sale with savings of 25% to 50% or more.

Need restaurant supplies? Tiger Chef meets all needs from microwaves to ovens, fryers and grills, to pasta makers and panini grills and more. Smaller restaurants can benefit from the many counter-top supplies that are available if there's not a lot of floor space. Coffee equipment, condiment holders, warmers, beverage dispensers and more can help utilize a small space to it's fullest. Grills and griddles are great space savers also. Food prep equipment is available and includes mixers, slicers, scales, timers and more.

22 March 2011

Tod Seisser: A Man On The Move

GROK? Surely: a strange name for a company! But it's a company that's growing by leaps and bounds with Tod Seisser active in it's growth. As a founding partner, Tod and his team oversee every step of a project. With his extensive background as an art director and designer, he has been involved in campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, General Mills and other top businesses. A past teacher and lecturer in the Arts, Mr. Seisser is currently active in the Partnership For A Drug Free America.

Jaguar, General Motors and Wild Turkey have also benefited from Grok campaigns. Written about in the New York Times, Supermarket News and other major publications, Grok is a force to be taken seriously. Located in New York City, they work with budgets of any size, monitoring campaigns to be sure they're effective. Using many forms of media, they get a company's message out while doing all the work in-house!