03 September 2009

Cameras, Cameras and More Cameras

I love pictures and although I'm not that good at taking them I keep on trying. Recently I came across a web site that had the answers to my photography questions: Shopwiki, a one-stop shopping site. The first thing I looked at was the Cameras and Photography Buying Guide which was an excellent starting point. I was looking for a digital camera that was a step up from what I currently have but didn't want to get in over my head with a camera that was too complicated. The guide told the capabilities of cameras (both 35mm and digital) and camcorders and described what the camera brands were known for including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Casio.

I was fascinated by the underwater cameras and the information that was given. I am basically a land creature but was fascinated by what these cameras could do. The snorkelers, who stay close to the surface, had cameras (eg. Suprema Point & Shoot 35mm) that were perfect for them and the cameras for the seasoned divers (Sea & Sea Motor Marine 11-EX for example) could go up to 150 feet deep. There were even underwater cameras (Frog Eye Waterproof Camera) for children that can go up to 12 feet underwater.

One of the cameras I really liked was the Canon PowerShot . It's a very user friendly point and shoot digital camera with prices ranging from inexpensive and compact to high-end and compact. It's easy to use and has many automatic features including auto focus.

Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, Shopwiki has cameras, lenses and accessories that will meet everyone's needs. Their products are high quality, well known brands.