31 January 2011

Have More Fun Surfing

Looking for a reliable internet service? Want a company that does more than just connect you? How about having call alert so that you don't miss calls while you're online? How about a service called CooperArchive that backs up emails, stores, retrieves and recovers information? The cooper.net is the company for you.

DSL service starts at a low $19.95 per month with Internet surfing about 125 times faster than other providers and with 5 email accounts provided. Support in the United States is free. To find out if service is available in your area, get on the site and either enter your phone number or click on your state and then city (or closest major city) to find out. Dial-up Internet service is as low as $8.25 when pre-paid for 12 months. For this low price, you get unlimited connection with nationwide access.

28 January 2011

The Teachings Of Dahn Yoga

Muscles, tendons, joints, organs and glands need to be functioning properly for us to function properly and Dahn Yoga (a Korean yoga system) helps a person gain the best body, mind and spirit they can have. Fresh oxygenated blood is moved through the body as the body focuses on inner energy that is used to promote natural healing. Creativity often improves with a better connection between mind and body. Used for over 5,000 years as a training method in Asia, it helps people gain control over their bodies.

Dahn Yoga benefits are many. By healing mind and body, society and the world (Earth) benefit based on each person's responsibility to help the Earth recover its natural beauty. As this is being done, world conflicts are also being resolved through goals that have been set.

Affordable Style

When you own a pair of Levis, you won't have to worry that they'll end up on a scarecrow after a few wearings. Choose from the original Levis 501 jeans that gained popularity in the '50's and '60's or the newer jeans that come in a variety of colors and prices. Over the years jeans have become very versatile and can be warn in many settings including work and play.

For the person who is looking for fashionable, durable and comfortable outerwear, then Woolrich jackets are what you want. For almost two centuries, Woolrich has been know for quality, comfort and affordability for both jackets and shirts. If you have to battle extreme cold, then a parka helps ward off the cold with Dupont Teflon Fabric Protection. Their plaid shirts can also double as a coat and need no more than a tee shirt underneath for outdoor warmth.

26 January 2011

Get The Look You Want

When you buy undergarments, you don't want the end result to be that you look like this lady. You want to get the best bra that's out there at an affordable price and one that makes you look your best. You want shape, lift and support all the while having an bra or bra and camisole fit comfortable all day. When you log onto unbelievabra.com, you'll be pleasantly surprise at the large selection that offers all that.

Another thing that is important to women in their undergarments is that they have seamless shape wear. Nothing is worse that seeing someone whose seams show through their clothing. The entire effect of their clothes is ruined. Log onto their web site to find our about undergarments that shape, slim, support and smooths all in one piece of clothing. There's a sizing guide for those who aren't sure how to take measurements and also free customer service Monday through Friday on their toll free line 1-877-360-8426.

24 January 2011

Was Adolf Hitler a Sexual Deviant?

Questions about Adolf Hitler and his sexuality have swirled for years. There has been much speculation and controversy. Some historians have argued that Hitler was either homosexual or bisexual. Others say that he was asexual. In Walter C. Langer's 1943 A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler: His Life and Legend, researchers performed a "psychological analysis" to understand Hitler and his motivations. The book contains an OSS report that states Hitler was "an impotent coprophile (a person with a liking/fondness in the paraphilia involving sexual pleasure from feces) with a possible homosexual streak".

Historian Lothar Machtan states in his book The Hidden Hitler that Hitler was homosexual, based on his experiences in Vienna and his adult relationships with Ernst Rohm (Roehm), Ernst Hanfstaengl and Emil Maurice. A 2002 book The Pink Swastika (a book that discusses the alleged homosexuality found in the Nazi party) by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams dealt with similar topics. In 1934 Ernst Roehm, the head of the Nazi SA who thought to be the true power behind Hitler (and a known homosexual) was executed along with many supporters by Hitler loyalists. Roehm offered Hitler his first job as a political spy. This purge known as the Night of the Long Knives helped Hitler ensure his supremacy in the Nazi party. After the death of Roehm, Hitler ordered the registration of all homosexuals and revised the code on homosexuality. Anyone convicted under the code was required to wear a pink triangle. Convicted homosexuals who were thought to be "curable" were sent to concentration camps, were isolated and labeled with the pink triangle. It's been estimated that up to 15,00 men were placed in these camps.

The Nazi Party tried to erase many of Hitler's past activities (they destroyed his massive police records) including the 5 months he spent at a men's hostel known as "a hub of homosexual behavior".

The only woman Hitler married was Eva Braun. They fist met when Eva was 17. On April 29, 1945 they were married in a civil ceremony. Within 40 hours they followed through on their suicide pact. Eva was 33 and Adolf was 56.

The Gold Standard

Archaeologists think the first use of gold was in the Middle East where civilization began. The oldest pieces of gold jewelry were found in the Egyptian tomb of Queen Zer and Queen Pu-abi of Syria. The tomb of King Tutankhamen (Tut) was discovered undisturbed by modern archaeologists. Throughout the course of history, gold (that was often transformed into gold bullion) was discovered in Rome, Peru, Europe and the United States among other places.

The gold standard was meant to stabilize the global economy with the premise that nations had to limit the issue of currency to the amount of gold (bullion) held in reserve. In the last few decades, people have started to invest in a gold IRA as part of their retirement plan. Gold and silver are tangible assets and have survived the economic ups and downs of the past few years.

Before you buy gold be sure you know what you are investing in by getting a free gold investment kit from regalgoldcoins.com. Talk with their account executives to get any questions resolved before investing money.

21 January 2011

Airline Security & Regulations = Major Changes

Would you rather drive or fly? Is time of the essence? With some recovery in the economy, more people are returning to the skies for their travels but for those who haven't traveled in awhile, might not be aware of the major changes that have taken place and are continuing to take place in the airline industry.

More changes are coming: body scans vs pat-down is the current hot topic. Due to recent terrorist threats, more invasive screenings are now happening. With all it's changes in security and ways of screening in the last few years, flying is still a great way to travel. I travel at least three times a year by plane and have just learned to be aware-of and roll with the changes as they're going to happen whether I like them or not. There are certain things that can be done ahead of time to minimize the frustrations of air travel. Don't forget to check your passport way ahead of your international travel time due to some restrictions by certain countries.

Airplane food is something you haven't seen in quite awhile and probably won't be seeing again unless you're on a flight of several hours or traveling international. So if you want to eat while you're in the air and not pay a small fortune for trail mix or a pre-packaged sandwich, either bring your own snack or eat before you get on the airplane. Many airlines no longer give free peanuts/pretzels and soft drinks due to sever cost-cutting measures.

In the past luggage could be checked in at no cost. Several of the major airlines are now charging for the first piece of checked luggage and more for a second piece. Check with the individual airline for their luggage policy. Remember: never check anything you can't live without; that includes medicines, jewelry, valuable papers, etc.

Plan for trouble! What will you do if you miss your plane or you have a travel delay due to inclement weather? Most airlines now give text, email and/or telephone alerts if they know about delays or flight schedule changes. But what happens if you're already at the airport on the first leg of a trip with 2 or 3 plane changes? What happens if you miss your connecting flights?

Be careful in duty free shops. Due to the limit on the size of liquids (3 oz. containers) that can be brought on board planes, this can be a major problem. Also, be sure you know the price before you pay in a duty free store as there are not many bargains.

There's lots to think about when traveling in today's airline world: "direct" vs "non-stop flights", upgrades, leg room, what to put in carry-on luggage, seat assignments, acceptable identification and documentation, stand-by, flyer miles etc. So: GOOD LUCK and have fun traveling.

It's Time To Get Rid Of Your Clunker

Is your family ashamed to drive with you because your car is an embarrassment? Your children don't want their friends to see them in the car so they hide on the back floor? Well, if that's the case, now is a great time to visit a Kia dealer in Chicago.

You might not be able to afford a new car, but they have many pre-owned vehicle specials. You can select a car by make, year, mileage, the features you want it to have and more. Worried about the history of the vehicle? Get a Carfax report to put your mind at ease. You can check the inventory without leaving the comfort of your own home by logging onto their website.

Are you concerned about financing your purchase? Not a problem! Use their online car loan calculator to start the process. Once you know that you are comfortably with a certain price, you can fill out the online finance application. If your credit is bad, this isn't always a setback. They'll work with you to see what other options are available.

Master Interview Skills

Do you feel like you're the only one who's not getting the job they want? Are you having a struggle trying to even get an interview in these difficult economic times? Are you trying to get your first job and don't understand what to expect in a medical consultant interview? Today the challenge for employment is greater than ever and you're in luck! There's a company medicalinterviewsuk.co.uk that can help with their consultant interview course.

Are you a doctor who has been going on job interviews but haven't received any offers for jobs? When you leave an interview do you thing of things you wish you had said or do you think of things you wish you hadn't said? In these difficult economic times, you need all the help you can get so that your next interview will be your last on. If you're in the medical field, there's a web site that can help you with a medical management course for doctors.

Medicalinterviewsuk.co.uk is a training company that offers medical management courses. This course will give doctors skills so that they will have an advantage. They are one of the largest companies that offers medical interviewing courses. Their career development courses for doctors also include instruction in a teach the teacher course.

19 January 2011

Fiber Optics and More!

Wonder how "things" get done when a huge building is constructed or under renovation? What is involved in getting the elevators or escalators operational? If there are several businesses in a building do they all run off the same operating system? How are the telephones connected? What is involved in fiber optic installation?

Many companies will not work with this type of installation as it requires well trained and qualified installers to do it correctly. Mason Technologies Inc is a structured cabling contractor that specializes in cabling entire buildings. Rather than piecing the work out to many different companies or contractors (electrical,data etc), they do the whole job. In this way, they control the quality of the work performed and know how the systems are interwoven. If repairs are necessary, they do all the work as nothing is ever sub-contracted. Structured cabling is used for data or voice communication with cables laid in a star pattern.

18 January 2011

Men Also Suffer From Osteoporosis

The majority of ads on television for osteoporosis are targeted towards women but men are just as susceptible to it's ravages. Osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) is associated with loss of calcium and bone minerals. The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that 2 million men suffer from the disease and millions more could be at risk. The New England Journal of Medicine states that osteoporosis on men is under-diagnosed and under-treated.

According to the Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, about 60% of all men under 50 will experience a hip fracture and about 5% will fracture a spinal bone as the result of osteoporosis. They also state that breaking a bone may be more serious for men than women and men who break a hip are more likely to die within a year than a woman. If men regularly take medicines (such as steroids), have chronic kidney, lungs or intestinal diseases, are excessive alcohol drinkers or have a sedentary life style, they should be tested for a bone-mineral deficiency.

Very Little Is Written By Hand Anymore

The days of hand written letters, homework, office work and more is no more. Almost everything is written one computers and then printed from the computer. Printer ink is very expensive and it's easy to go through a cartridge in a short time. At inkgrabber.com, you can purchase brand name inkjet cartridges ar reduced prices. Shop by printer brand for replacement cartridges and get a 10% savings on orders over $55.00

Cheap ink is available because the printer ink is manufactured or remanufactured according to high standards for quality ink. Whether your printer is made by Canon, Kodak, Epson or another well known brand, you'll be pleased with your savings (up to 92%) on printer ink.

17 January 2011

Fabulous Cajun Grilled Beef

If you enjoy grilling and beef is your speciality, here are a few tips to help you with your preparation of the meat. Whether you're using a rotisserie or you like to cook over an open flame, here are a few ideas for preparation. If your using a rotisserie, you have to preheat it before use. For best results, sear the beef at a high temperature for the first few minutes with a low to medium low heat for the balance of the cooking time. Beef cuts that have a basic cylindrical shape are best to use (see the the tenderloin roast picture). If you aren't using the rotisserie method, then you'll be grilling on direct heat. When grilling steaks, slash the fat at 1" intervals around the steak. This helps reduce the steak's tendency to curl while grilling. Some roasts may require tying before grilling.

Here's a delightful beef recipe:

*Cajun Grilled Beef

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes


-1 pound beef top sirloin, cut into 1 inch pieces

- 1 cup plain yogurt

- 2 cloves garlic, minced

- 1 tablespoon dried parsley

- 1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning

- 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

- 1 teaspoon lemon zest

- 2 each red bell peppers, seeded and cut into 1 inch pieces

- 1 each large yellow onions, cut into 1 inch chunks

- 4 each metal skewers

Directions Place steak pieces in a large bowl. Add all ingredients into bowl except, red bell pepper and onion. Mix well and cover. Place in refrigerator and allow to marinate for 1-4 hours. Preheat grill for medium heat. Thread beef, red bell pepper, and onion pieces alternately onto skewers. Place on your grill and cook approximately 10-15 minutes.

*source: recipetips.com

Keep Your Displays Neat

Tried of your displays, messages, job assignments and more getting wind blown, mussed up or defaced? You work hard to make a nice presentation and someone comes along and thinks it would be fun to mess it up. One way to discourage this is with enclosed bulletin boards.

When you order from enclosedbulletinboards.com, you always get free shipping and low price protection before and after your purchase. Why not get enclosed cork bulletin boards for your classroom? They start as low as $100.00 and are available in single, double or triple door size. Finished in metal and wood, they match any decor.

Enclosed fabric bulletin boards are an option and they are also on sale, with free shipping and price protection. They can be used outdoors as well due to the fact that they are enclosed. If you need a letterboard, they are available for indoor and outdoor use.

16 January 2011

Why Be A Guest Blogger?

What is guest blogging? It's when someone other than the owner of the blog writes content and the owner of the blog posts that content while giving credit to the original author (by name and/or link to the content writer's web site). The blog owner retains strict control over the content of the contributing blogger.

Guest blogging provides fresh material and expertise from niche bloggers. The writer gets exposure, traffic and rankings. With a link in the post it can drive traffic to the content writer's web site. The link also helps in Google searches. The links tend to be permanent and are free other than the time spent writing the article and are not discounted links. Google can tell if a link is part of a navigation sidebar or footer and these links are discounted.

Several reasons for guest blogging:

A new Audience: If you have guest bloggers, it will open up your blog to new readers

Networking: Relations can be established through comments etc,p> New Perspective: If you have been blogging by yourself, a guest blogger, can bring a fresh/new slant with their areas of expertise

Link Building: guest blogger can include some information about their own site through backlinks (to their blog/website)

Different social networks: guest bloggers many have different social networks (Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon etc)

Win-Win Situation:guest blogger gets exposure to a new audience while blog owner gets a free piece of exclusive content

If you are interested in guest blogging on this site please note that in the comment section of this post. Include:

Email address

Link to your web site/blog

Topic(s) you would like to /blogwrite about

Sorry: no adult, gambling, pills or religious sites.

Stop Clipping Coupons. Get ONLINE FREEBIES!

Coupon clipping is dying out the way dinosaurs did. People don't want to spend the time clipping and keeping their coupons organized according to expiration dates, categories etc. The advances in technology have made it possible to bypass clipping and get free stuff with the click of their computer mouse.

There are 20+ categories to choose free samples from including magazines, movies, music, pets and more. Are you thinking of trying a new cat food for your fussy pet but hate to spend the money just to have Smokey the cat turn up his nose and walk away? Then why not try Natural Nutrition Gourmet Cat Food for free? How about free samples of dog treats for Fido? You'll be pleasantly surprised at the brand name pet food samples that are FREE!

Frustrated paying good money for cell phones? How about free cell phones? Too good to be true? No! SafeLink offers free cell phones to low income families and individuals. Like to change your cell phone ringtone often but don't want to pay the high fees that are often charged? Why not try some free ringtones at freecatcher.com/cell-phones? Like free apps? How about 100 free apps from iPhone?

What are you waiting for? Find out what it's like to save major money on products/services that you use every day. Others are saving $$$. Why not you?

15 January 2011

Friday The 13th, Black Cats ?????

Do you feel "jinxed" when you see certain things or do things to avoid something like walking under a ladder, have a black cat cross your path, carry a rabbit's foot or a 4 leaf clover???? Then you are not alone!!! There is no rational basis for this because superstitions are not based on fact although there are those who would disagree. Some superstitions originated as religious practices. Often the practices lost their original meaning as they were passed down from generation to generation.

We all know the common superstitions (salt over the shoulder, step on a crack, pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, itchy palm or ear, crossed fingers), but here are some not-so-common ones:

A swan's feather sewed into a husband's pillow will ensure fidelity

If you leave a rocking chair rocking when it's empty, it invites evil spirits into the house to sit in the chair

If 3 people are photographed together, the person in the middle will die first

If you use the same pencil to take a test that you used for studying for the test, it will remember the answers

Mandrake is a plant that has the power of preventing sterility in men & animals

If you catch a falling leaf on the 1st day of autumn, you'll not catch a cold all winter

It is bad luck to cut your fingernails on Friday or Sunday and the nail cuttings should be saved, burned or buried

A dream about angles forecasts success, happiness and friendship

A white moth in the house means death

Keep Your Heart Healthy

If you have a family history of heart disease/high blood pressure, have ever had a heart attack or know someone who has, you know what a major impact is placed on the quality of life for the person with the health issues and ever one in their family. This is when metoprolol should be used. It's a beta blocker that relieves some of the work of the heart.

As with any medication, the use of metoprolol should be taken while under a doctor's care and according to the dosage prescribed. Use of a beta blocker such as metoprolol helps lower high blood pressure, relieve chest pain and help prevent heart attacks in people who have had a previous heart attack. Sometimes migraines and tremors also benefit from it's use. When used as an eye drop, it can help treat glaucoma too.

13 January 2011

Tarps For Every Task

If you're a welder, you know the importance of having top quality welding blankets. You know the importance of having a coated welding blanket over an uncoated one. They have more "burn through" resistance which is vital when working with high temperatures. Whether you're using the blanket for horizontal or vertical welding, weight and thickness of the blanket have to be taken into account.

If your needs are job/task specific, custom made tarps are an option. They can be treated to be water resistant/flame retardant or made from double filled natural cotton canvas. Clear and vinyl tarps and polyester are also available in different thicknesses. Looking for mildew and rot resistant tarps? That's also available. Start shopping now for the exact tarp product that meets your needs!

09 January 2011

There's Major Value In Barbell Deadlifts

The barbell deadlift is a compound exercise that targets the lower back as well as the calves, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, lats, middle back, quads, and traps. It is an intermediate-level exercise that utilizes a pulling force as you lift the barbell with the use of your lower back.

Do your stretches and warm-ups before doing this exercise. Load up your barbell with enough weights that you can carry without causing undue strain on your lower back. It is best to start with a set of weights that are light rather than risk injury by placing a heavy set of weights you cannot carry. Place it on the floor and position yourself behind the barbell. Bend on your knees as you lean forward to grasp the handle of the barbell. You can do hold on to the bars with both palms facing down, or you can do an alternate grip if this is too difficult for you. One hand should grip the bar with the palm facing up, while the other hand grips the bar with the palm facing down. Keep your hands at shoulder’s breadth. This is your starting position for this exercise.

Exhale as you lift the barbell by pushing your legs straight. Keep your torso straight and upright with your chest sticking out. Contract your lower back muscles by pulling your shoulder blades back as if you are a soldier standing in attention. Your end position will be with your legs entire body straight with your head held erect and your chest held out. Always maintain the contraction of your back muscles as you stand up. Inhale as you slowly go back to starting position, still maintaining the contraction and tension on your lower back.

Repeat with the recommended number of reps and sets. This is a serious form of exercise requiring a body that is physically fit and in top shape. Never do this if you have problems with your back.

***Check with a medical professional before starting any exercise program***

It's A Wild Ride With The Polar Express

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy

When The Polar Express first came out a few years ago, I was slow to get on the bandwagon. I wasn't enticed at first to go see it, but I finally did. Now I wonder what the heck was wrong with me. The Polar Express is incredible! I was wowed by it, and it's become my favorite holiday Christmas film.

The movie happened to air on Directtv Satellite Television the other day, so naturally I watched it. I'll make any excuse to sit down and enjoy this film. This isn't a live action movie, nor is it animated. It used a revolutionary process that took motion and attached it to drawn characters. It's just a fascinating procedure.

I love The Polar Express as it centers on belief. Frankly, I'm tired of everyone needing to have proof to believe. Believing is faith, and faith is believing. That's what this picture talks about, from a kid's point of view. In fact, I think that the ending voice over is among the most poignant piece I've ever heard. It's a loss of innocence in a way, and that's terribly sad.

However, long before we get to that moment, we're taken on a wild train ride that is super entertaining. The song Hot Chocolate is a joy, and Tom Hanks' work in multiple roles is admirable.

The Polar Express is inspirational.

08 January 2011

The Art of Feng Shui

I've been trying to introduce some of the aspects of Feng Shui into my life and am finding it to be very relaxing. Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China that believes in using the laws of Heaven and Earth to improve one's life by receiving positive "qi" (pronounced chee) . It deals with how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting the space. Feng means wind and wind chimes are used today to help find that balance. The Chinese also use gongs outdoors, in their operas and in their temples for that purpose as well as the tones that are derived. Qi is a moveable negative or postive life force that plays an essential role in feng shui. Qi traditionally related to a structure, the direction it faced, it's age and it's interaction with the surrounding environment (slope of the land, vegetation etc.). At Hong Kong Disneyland, the main gate was shifted by 12 degrees as the builders understood the importance of feng shui to the Chinese culture.

Shui means water and many people have an indoor fountain as their symbol to improve the energy in their homes. Symbols are important in feng shui for their history and their meaning, The usual ones are Chinese dragon coins tied with a red string and three legged toads. Today, interior decoration plays an important part in the Western world's practice of feng shui to help people live prosperous and healthy lives.

The environment is important in feng shui and arbors and trellises play an part in supporting an eco-system. The environment is in a delicate balance and it can be harmed by planting "lucky bamboo" in an area that can not support it. Many believe that feng shui and the eco-system are used for healing purposes and block negative energies that might otherwise have bad effects. There are many ways to improve the energy both inside a home and outside to help in finding balance.

I Love Sesame Street!

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

Yes, it is an oldie. But, Sesame Street is still my favorite children's educational program of all time. I am pretty sure That I enjoy it just as much as my kids do, if not more. I have been watching this show now for over twenty years and I never grow tired of Burt and Ernie, Elmo, and especially not Elmo. They are just so adorable and cute, how could anyone not love those silly characters? They have so much to say and teach our children that it is just so unreal.

Every afternoon my kids and I can be found propped up on the couch in the family room watching Satellite TV Specials. We are not watching what most people watch, that is for sure. Most people cannot believe that I still love this show after all of these years. I just don't understand why more people do not watch those lovable characters that taught us all so much as kids. We completely enjoy our time together watch Sesame Street. To me there will never be a show that compares to this one. The best part is that the whole time the kids are watching they are learning and they do not even know it at all. I love Sesame Street!

06 January 2011

International Call Forwarding

Is your business growing by leaps and bounds? Looking to do business internationally? Travel a great deal and don't want to miss any business calls? Now is definitely the time to look into having international call forwarding. Namada.com is a company that can help you ever step of the way.

With toll free forwarding, telephone calls can be redirected to any land or mobile phone anywhere in the world. No country is too remote. Have you ever heard of the country Myanmar? Namada.com has and this is one of the countries that can be included in the program.

Using their prepaid or post paid plans for international tollfreeforwarding is very cost effective for your business expansion and these plans can also be used for conference calling. It's easy to save 50%-90% of what you're currently paying for international calls.

Have Fun With Online Dating Sites

Are you trying to meet that "someone special" but are getting tired of the bar scene? Tired of friends who are trying to fix you up with a blind date (of course: that person has a terrific personality)? Tired of your mother hinting (very loudly) that she would love to have at least one grandchild before she dies (thinks guilt is a good motivator)? Then it's time to try online dating sites!!! Not only will you find the dating sites you're familiar with (eHarmony.com & Match.com), you'll get to discover new sites for online dating including Date.com and Friend Finder.

One of the sites, Lavalife, offers tips on ways to have fun while going through what can often be the tedious or scary online dating "get acquainted" period. They use live videos as well as information they've gathered to form dating personals which will help you decide whether you want to proceed with that person or keep looking. When you've decided you like what the site has to offer, a subscription fee is needed to gain access to emails and instant messaging tools.

If American Singles is your site of choice, you'll be able to work with a huge database and search features that will help you find the person that most closely matches the qualities you're looking for. Whether you're looking to meet casual acquaintances or are looking to find someone for a long term relationship, get started and have fun with your online dating search!!!

05 January 2011

The Unbelievable Story of Phineus Gage

I've always been fascinated by the story of Phineus Gage and came across it again recently and re-read the story of his horrible accident and his miraculous recovery. Gage was a railroad construction foreman who is remembered for his survival of an accident in which a large iron rod was driven completely through his head. His case influenced 19th-century thinking about the brain and where it's functions are located within the brain. Gage's was probably the first case to suggest that damage to specific regions of the brain might affect personality and behavior.

Phineas' accident and recovery was termed "the case which more than all others is calculated to excite our wonder...". Gage was 25 years old on September 13, 1848. He was working as foreman of a work gang blasting rock for a roadbed in Vermont. His job, after a hole was drilled into a body of rock, was to add gunpowder, a fuse and then tamp down the charge using a large iron rod. Around 4:30 PM the powder exploded, throwing the rod (which he was using at the time) through his head. The instrument was an inch and a fourth in diameter and 3'7" in length. It entered the side of his face, shattering the upper jaw and passing the back of his left eye and out of the top of his head. The rod weighed 13 1/4 pounds. Within a few minutes of the accident, Phineus was able to speak and walk with little or no assistance.

01 January 2011

Sports Galore

This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

I had been enjoying going to my friends house to catch the games when I was not working, but was starting to get upset that I had to miss so many games because I was either working or my friends were not in the mood for company. I finally decided it was time to get my own favorite sports network on my own cable so that I could watch the games when ever wanted. I called my cable provider, which was tvbydirect, and asked them which sports networks they had.

I was amazed to find out they had my favorite network available with a great sports package. I cant wait to have them come out in a few days and install it so I can lay about on my own couch and watch the games when ever im home and not have to depend on others to let me watch at their house. I know im going to be more of a home body once it gets installed, but im excited to see what I have been missing.