13 September 2009

plain & simple: I Love Windchimes

Plain and simple: as the title of the posts says "I LOVE WIND CHIMES". I currently have 8 chimes in my garden this year in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Even the Shepard's hooks are of my favorite things: cats, butterflies and dolphins. I'm not worried about what the neighbors might think as I love to listen to the different sounds and tones especially at night.

Recently I did an internet search for chimes and discovered a site that has the most fantastic Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes which were developed by a Texas company in 1989. Their chimes, known as the Stradavarius of wind chimes are made of tempered aluminium tubing to keep them rust free and able to withstand the elements.

This line of chimes range in size from regular garden size to the largest: the Basso Profundo Music of the Spheres Chimes which totally fascinated me . This wind chime is more like a work of art. It is 14' tall and has 6 tubes, the longest of which is 8'3/5". It weighs 200 pounds and is considered to be "the mother of all wind chimes". Each hand cut tube is tuned to A440 (the standard orchestral pitch). It has a polyethylene clapper that gives excellent tonal quality and the craftsmanship gives it excellent outdoor durability.

I learned a lot of new information at the Outdora site. I never really thought much about the sound of chimes until I looked at the Music of the Spheres Chimes descriptions. There are many different sounds/tones that are acquired by using the latest technology to achieve the high standards in acoustics and visual quality. The Soprano (30") is the smallest of the chimes. Others, increasing in size include: the Alto, Mezzo, Alto, Westminster, Bass and Contra-Bass.