14 September 2009

Smart Drivers Know RepairPal

Whether you car is old or new, RepairPal.com is for you. Best of all the service is FREE. Any time that you have to spend money, you want to get the most for your $$$ that you can.

With RepairPal.com, you'll get independent and unbiased estimates on automobile parts from water pump replacement to timing belts or head gasket replacement. You'll get information on what makes the part work, how it should work and recommendations for the replacement. You'll also get a list of the best places to make the repair.

There's also car information available by make and model. For example, if you own a Toyota Camry, you'll be able to find Owner Reviews and Ratings and see overall ratings on many items including brakes, drive train, suspension & steering and the engine. There's also a section on common problems the vehicle may incur and any recalls the car might have had.

RepairPal.com's estimates are for cars everywhere. If you are looking for Chicago auto repair for example, you'll find a list of repair shops in your area showing the shops and mechanics including those that have the top ratings. You can search for shops by "make of car" to get the best location out there. There's also a list of common auto repairs/concerns in Chicago that help with scheduled mainenance.

Using RepairPal helps eliminate the "Surprise Factor" in your automobile repairs.