25 September 2009

Carl Sgro: Online Reputation Management Businessman and Humanitarian

As a businessman with over 25 years experience, Carl Sgro has made his mark on the Internet and in the field of technology. Carl's focus on Internet based companies has grown to extensive work with search engine marketing.

Working as a SEM and SEO specialist searching for solutions, Carl Sgro has worked with clients in healthcare field, real estate and retail industries. One thing that Carl passes on to everyone is claiming your own name on the Internet. With identity theft and fraud running rampant, he stresses the importance of owning your own name.

An avid bass fisherman who studies their habits and behaviors, Carl Sgro and his wife fish up and down the eastern coast of the United States. His involvement in working with children has included helping set up a "Take a Kid Fishing" program.

Carl Sgro is definitely a man on the move.