27 September 2009

Oh No: It's That Time Of Year Again !!!

It's getting to be that time of year again. Have to put away the floaties, water toys, prep the swimming pool for the ice, snow, sleet and whatever "Old-Man Winter " decides to throw our way. At least some of us do: (hear my sigh of envy for people in warm climates?). Started cutting down my gardens already as we get very unpredictable weather here in Michigan and never really know when the first frost will be coming.

One of the things to do is make sure there's enough good, dry firewood for those long, romantic nights I envision (yea right: me and the cat.) Fortunately, I started looking earlier and found a Woodhaven Firewood Rack that allows me to have a good store of dry, bug-free wood. I got one of the smaller sizes. There was a great selection to choose from. The firewood racks come in seven sizes ranging from three feet (1/8 cord) to sixteen feet (1 cord). With the smaller size, it's very convenient to have in the house. The larger sizes are very adaptable to the outdoors for fire pits etc. and they all come with free short covers that descend 12 " from the top of the wood. This cover allows air to circulate through the wood keeping it mildew free. The lower construction keeps the wood off the ground again helping with air circulation.

Every Woodhaven Firewood Rack is made from solid materials with durable construction of steel tubing that's arc welded. Each steel firewood rack is guaranteed for 10 years.

Storing wood all year long for winter indoor use can help you save on utility prices. Weather you chop your own wood or buy it, you can be filling the Woodhaven Firewood Rack all year round. Having and using an indoor fireplace can help you save on utility costs while offering a beautiful setting. If you're a propane gas, natural gas or an electric heat user, there's the dreaded question of "What will I be paying this month"? As in past years, we know these costs are only going to go higher and higher and some of the price increases are truly shocking.

Happy winter preparations and good luck to all of us in the cold months ahead!