31 January 2011

Have More Fun Surfing

Looking for a reliable internet service? Want a company that does more than just connect you? How about having call alert so that you don't miss calls while you're online? How about a service called CooperArchive that backs up emails, stores, retrieves and recovers information? The cooper.net is the company for you.

DSL service starts at a low $19.95 per month with Internet surfing about 125 times faster than other providers and with 5 email accounts provided. Support in the United States is free. To find out if service is available in your area, get on the site and either enter your phone number or click on your state and then city (or closest major city) to find out. Dial-up Internet service is as low as $8.25 when pre-paid for 12 months. For this low price, you get unlimited connection with nationwide access.