08 January 2011

I Love Sesame Street!

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

Yes, it is an oldie. But, Sesame Street is still my favorite children's educational program of all time. I am pretty sure That I enjoy it just as much as my kids do, if not more. I have been watching this show now for over twenty years and I never grow tired of Burt and Ernie, Elmo, and especially not Elmo. They are just so adorable and cute, how could anyone not love those silly characters? They have so much to say and teach our children that it is just so unreal.

Every afternoon my kids and I can be found propped up on the couch in the family room watching Satellite TV Specials. We are not watching what most people watch, that is for sure. Most people cannot believe that I still love this show after all of these years. I just don't understand why more people do not watch those lovable characters that taught us all so much as kids. We completely enjoy our time together watch Sesame Street. To me there will never be a show that compares to this one. The best part is that the whole time the kids are watching they are learning and they do not even know it at all. I love Sesame Street!