01 January 2011

Sports Galore

This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

I had been enjoying going to my friends house to catch the games when I was not working, but was starting to get upset that I had to miss so many games because I was either working or my friends were not in the mood for company. I finally decided it was time to get my own favorite sports network on my own cable so that I could watch the games when ever wanted. I called my cable provider, which was tvbydirect, and asked them which sports networks they had.

I was amazed to find out they had my favorite network available with a great sports package. I cant wait to have them come out in a few days and install it so I can lay about on my own couch and watch the games when ever im home and not have to depend on others to let me watch at their house. I know im going to be more of a home body once it gets installed, but im excited to see what I have been missing.