01 February 2011

Home Workout? Gym Workout? Which Is Better?

If you are ready to start taking your fitness goals seriously and get in shape, you might be thinking about joining a local gym or fitness center. These places can be a great help in your quest for improved fitness, but they can end up costing quite a bit. If you want to gain some muscle and lose some weight, without all that weight coming from your wallet, you can start a home fitness workout plan. You don’t need all the fancy equipment and personal instructors to get in shape; you just need a little bit of imagination and motivation to get started.

Body-Weight Exercises for Muscle Gains

You don’t have to use the latest, greatest chest building machine or throw up hundreds of pound on the bench to get some real gains in strength and muscle mass. In fact, you can get some awesome strength gains by simply doing some body-weight exercises. Add some push-ups, dips and pull-ups to your home workout routine and you’ll be getting all the benefits you would get from a gym, without paying a monthly fee. If you want to do some standard weight work too, you can pick up some cheap, used dumbbells from local garage sales or at sports resellers. You don’t need tons of weight to get stronger, just use some basic body-weight exercises and a few sets of dumbbell curls or presses.

Home Cardio Options

You’ll need a plan to get in some great cardio work for your workouts too. You don’t have to rely on a treadmill or stationery bike to get some quality aerobic work. Try getting out and running around your neighborhood or at a local park. There’s nothing like getting out and seeing some sights while you do your cardio to keep things interesting. If you don’t have a good area to run in your neighborhood, you can do some great cardio at home. Get a jump rope and start doing 3-minute rounds followed by a 1-minute rest. If you do that cycle 10 times, you’ll have done 40 minutes of hard-core cardio and will see some great fat loss as a result.

After a few months of doing a home workout routine based on these tips, people will start asking you about what gym you’ve been working out at. You can simply smile and tell them that you don’t really do the “gym thing.” You’ll be getting in great shape and saving money at the same time. What’s better than that combination?

***Check with a medical professional before starting any exercise program***