09 January 2011

There's Major Value In Barbell Deadlifts

The barbell deadlift is a compound exercise that targets the lower back as well as the calves, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, lats, middle back, quads, and traps. It is an intermediate-level exercise that utilizes a pulling force as you lift the barbell with the use of your lower back.

Do your stretches and warm-ups before doing this exercise. Load up your barbell with enough weights that you can carry without causing undue strain on your lower back. It is best to start with a set of weights that are light rather than risk injury by placing a heavy set of weights you cannot carry. Place it on the floor and position yourself behind the barbell. Bend on your knees as you lean forward to grasp the handle of the barbell. You can do hold on to the bars with both palms facing down, or you can do an alternate grip if this is too difficult for you. One hand should grip the bar with the palm facing up, while the other hand grips the bar with the palm facing down. Keep your hands at shoulder’s breadth. This is your starting position for this exercise.

Exhale as you lift the barbell by pushing your legs straight. Keep your torso straight and upright with your chest sticking out. Contract your lower back muscles by pulling your shoulder blades back as if you are a soldier standing in attention. Your end position will be with your legs entire body straight with your head held erect and your chest held out. Always maintain the contraction of your back muscles as you stand up. Inhale as you slowly go back to starting position, still maintaining the contraction and tension on your lower back.

Repeat with the recommended number of reps and sets. This is a serious form of exercise requiring a body that is physically fit and in top shape. Never do this if you have problems with your back.

***Check with a medical professional before starting any exercise program***