17 January 2011

Keep Your Displays Neat

Tried of your displays, messages, job assignments and more getting wind blown, mussed up or defaced? You work hard to make a nice presentation and someone comes along and thinks it would be fun to mess it up. One way to discourage this is with enclosed bulletin boards.

When you order from enclosedbulletinboards.com, you always get free shipping and low price protection before and after your purchase. Why not get enclosed cork bulletin boards for your classroom? They start as low as $100.00 and are available in single, double or triple door size. Finished in metal and wood, they match any decor.

Enclosed fabric bulletin boards are an option and they are also on sale, with free shipping and price protection. They can be used outdoors as well due to the fact that they are enclosed. If you need a letterboard, they are available for indoor and outdoor use.