16 January 2011

Why Be A Guest Blogger?

What is guest blogging? It's when someone other than the owner of the blog writes content and the owner of the blog posts that content while giving credit to the original author (by name and/or link to the content writer's web site). The blog owner retains strict control over the content of the contributing blogger.

Guest blogging provides fresh material and expertise from niche bloggers. The writer gets exposure, traffic and rankings. With a link in the post it can drive traffic to the content writer's web site. The link also helps in Google searches. The links tend to be permanent and are free other than the time spent writing the article and are not discounted links. Google can tell if a link is part of a navigation sidebar or footer and these links are discounted.

Several reasons for guest blogging:

A new Audience: If you have guest bloggers, it will open up your blog to new readers

Networking: Relations can be established through comments etc,p> New Perspective: If you have been blogging by yourself, a guest blogger, can bring a fresh/new slant with their areas of expertise

Link Building: guest blogger can include some information about their own site through backlinks (to their blog/website)

Different social networks: guest bloggers many have different social networks (Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon etc)

Win-Win Situation:guest blogger gets exposure to a new audience while blog owner gets a free piece of exclusive content

If you are interested in guest blogging on this site please note that in the comment section of this post. Include:

Email address

Link to your web site/blog

Topic(s) you would like to /blogwrite about

Sorry: no adult, gambling, pills or religious sites.