24 January 2011

Was Adolf Hitler a Sexual Deviant?

Questions about Adolf Hitler and his sexuality have swirled for years. There has been much speculation and controversy. Some historians have argued that Hitler was either homosexual or bisexual. Others say that he was asexual. In Walter C. Langer's 1943 A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler: His Life and Legend, researchers performed a "psychological analysis" to understand Hitler and his motivations. The book contains an OSS report that states Hitler was "an impotent coprophile (a person with a liking/fondness in the paraphilia involving sexual pleasure from feces) with a possible homosexual streak".

Historian Lothar Machtan states in his book The Hidden Hitler that Hitler was homosexual, based on his experiences in Vienna and his adult relationships with Ernst Rohm (Roehm), Ernst Hanfstaengl and Emil Maurice. A 2002 book The Pink Swastika (a book that discusses the alleged homosexuality found in the Nazi party) by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams dealt with similar topics. In 1934 Ernst Roehm, the head of the Nazi SA who thought to be the true power behind Hitler (and a known homosexual) was executed along with many supporters by Hitler loyalists. Roehm offered Hitler his first job as a political spy. This purge known as the Night of the Long Knives helped Hitler ensure his supremacy in the Nazi party. After the death of Roehm, Hitler ordered the registration of all homosexuals and revised the code on homosexuality. Anyone convicted under the code was required to wear a pink triangle. Convicted homosexuals who were thought to be "curable" were sent to concentration camps, were isolated and labeled with the pink triangle. It's been estimated that up to 15,00 men were placed in these camps.

The Nazi Party tried to erase many of Hitler's past activities (they destroyed his massive police records) including the 5 months he spent at a men's hostel known as "a hub of homosexual behavior".

The only woman Hitler married was Eva Braun. They fist met when Eva was 17. On April 29, 1945 they were married in a civil ceremony. Within 40 hours they followed through on their suicide pact. Eva was 33 and Adolf was 56.