12 November 2009

What Do I Do With This Flame?

Fires and flames have been around for centuries. Early man didn't know anything about fire other than sometimes natural sources produced something that was very bright, sometimes hard to control and produced something that was later called heat. Early cave pictures show fire in man's art and there are many legends surrounding fire. Some thought it was stolen from the gods. Once early man understood a little about fire, he had to learn how to control and preserve it. Fire needed watching so it wouldn't go out or spread. The early people were like families today in that they gathered around the fire as a central part of their lives. Advances over the years led to fire being contained in objects such as fire pit tables.

These tables come in various types and styles as can be seen in the photo at the left. You can enjoy a meal around your fire pit table. Some of the tables are elevated bar-stool types and look fabulous in outdoor living spaces. As in the days of the cavemen, families once again can gather around the fire for companionship and socializing and even cooking. Some of the tables are gas fueled and lower tables that are wood burning allow you to warm your toes by the fire.

Fire pit tables are movable so they don't need to stay in one outdoor space. You can take them camping, use them for tailgating or take them to the beach. Made from materials such as masonry, wrought iron and stainless steel, you can match any decor or be eclectic in your choices. Easy clean-up tops from slate or granite have a long lasting finish. A beautiful glow is produced from gas logs or tumbled fire glass.