15 November 2009

I Love Flowers !!!

Plain and simple: I love flowers. I recently got back from a week in Hawaii. The flowers that we pay lots of money for in the states grow like weeds there. My favorite flower is the orchid and I found them everywhere. Growing by the roadsides, the orchids grew in fantastic colors. The residents think of them as weeds and are constantly trying to get rid of them as some varieties can choke out other forms of vegetation. After I got home and re-checked the price of orchids, I started to think about possibly getting a garden greenhouse and finding out how to grow my own.

Orchids date back to the early ages. In Greek history they were associated with virility. Over the years, orchids have been a symbol of love, luxury and beauty. During the Middle Ages, they were used as a remedy for many illnesses. They have also been considered as an aphrodisiac and were the main ingredient in many love portions. In the 18th century, orchids were considered the flower of the wealthy. In the 19th century, whole areas in England were stripped bare after the orchids were sold with no regard towards conservation. Today, most orchids that are grow for sale are done with plants from greenhouse growing.

In my search on the internet for garden greenhouses, I found a wonderful web site that has what I'm looking for in price and design. Outdora carries greenhouses made from utra strong materials such as indestructible polycarbonate walls and rust-proof aluminium frames. These greenhouses can withstand many years of inclement weather. The shape and design offer a great selection to fit your needs and backyard space. Some are onion shaped and others come in the more traditional styles. Windows, adjustable metal hooks, movable hangers, shade cloths, seed trays and more can be custom styled for your personal use. Their line of hobby greenhouse kits are easy to assemble. Some have a slide-together channel assembly and others are a push-fit design.