23 November 2009

Fashion, Pollution or BPA?

BE WARY!!! Some of the aluminium bottles that look so fashionable may contain the contaminant BPA.

The plastic bottle industry consumed 8.82 billion gallons of water in 2007 worth $11.7 billion. The United States market for bottled water is the largest in the world. Then information started to come out that plastic bottles were not biodegradable and used vast amounts of oil to produce.

In many plastic bottles the chemical bisphenol A or BPA leached from the bottles. It has been linked to cancer, neurological problems and reproductive disorders. Many switched to a reusable aluminium water bottles made by the Swiss company SIGG. Recently, the CEO of SIGG had to admit that prior to August 2008, the liners of the bottles did contain BPA.

The original SIGG liner inside has a shiny copper bronze finish. The new BPA free liners have a dull, yellow coating.

Source:The Detroit Press (News)