22 November 2009

A-tisket A-tasket

A-tisket a-tasket
A green-and-yellow basket
I bought a basket for my mommie
On the way I dropped it

I dropped it, I dropped it
Yes, on the way I dropped it
A little girlie picked it up
And took it to the market

Recently, I was looking to possibly buy a picnic basket as I wanted to do something different and picnics are one of the things I haven't done in years. The song, "A-tisket A-tasket" popped into my mind and it was hard to get it out. Written and sung by Ella Fitzgerald in 1938, it was and still is a popular school bus children's song. It is any easy song to learn due to the pattern of the words. It's a song about a green and yellow basket. I tried to look up the words tisket and tasket but couldn't find them anywhere. Even Wikipedia was no help and they can usually find an answer to virtually any query. This time I struck out.

What really surprised me is the fabulous selection of picnic baskets that are out there. I'm still in the dark ages of thinking picnic baskets are made of basic straw with no frills that you place your plastic containers in (usually of the used Cool Whip type). Boy, was I wrong! The times have certainly changed. You can buy baskets for certain types of food. Baskets for wines or wine and cheese together are available and I learned that if you're eating a hard cheese, red wine should be the choice of what to drink. Soft cheeses call for white wine. I never knew that wines are based on the type of cheese eaten. I had only heard of wines associated with meat and fish.

A gourmet picnic basket or traditional basket is available to fit every one's taste and budget. Basic backpack picnic baskets are all the rage as are children's baskets. Baskets are designed to meet people's needs not only for form but for function also. Made from hand-woven willow and polyester canvas, today's picnic baskets will last for years. The food compartments are insulated, with melamine or ceramic dishes as well as cotton linens, stainless steel silverware and cutting boards all add to the user's enjoyment. Not only are today's picnic baskets convenient, they are made of high quality. I guess it's time for me to "get with the program" when it comes to having a picnic.