17 November 2009

Lockers Are More Than They Used To Be

Hard to believe that this is a picture of a set of lockers isn't it? These wood lockers are what you might find at an upscale golf or yacht club. The wood grain and hi-tech design gives them a very rich look and they are easy to maintain.

Remember your old gym locker? You'd throw your stinky socks and smelly uniform into it and hope you'd remember to take them home for your mother to wash before your next practice. Most of the time, you forgot to do that, so they were really ripe the next time you put them back on. With vented school lockers, some of this problem was avoided but your clothes were still nasty. The problem wasn't with the locker, it was temporary memory loss that caused this. You probably wanted to put the whole room of lockers for sale and start all over again with new ones.

Your locker was your own personal area and you'd decorate it with whatever was the trend at the time. If it had a combination lock, you'd usually mess up when you were in a hurry to throw a book into it and grab the one for the next class.