10 November 2009

Is A Viking A Person Or A Grill?

The earliest history of Vikings is traced back as early as the 790's. From then until 1066, it was commonly called "the Viking Age of Scandinavian history". According to Wikipedia, Vikings lead the way in expansion to what is now Iceland, Greenland, Shetland and a short-lived settlement in L'Anse aux Meadows. Some of these lands were discovered by Vikings who had been blown off course. Others were discovered by sailors on the ships who had seen land ahead. The Greenland settlement eventually died out. There is evidence that the Vikings reached Baghdad, the center of the Islamic Empire. They regularly sailed on the Volga River to trade furs, tusks and seal fat. In return they wanted slaves. This race of people never heard of Viking Grills. Their food was eaten raw or cooked over an open flame.

Now, this brings us to the Minnesota Vikings who received their official name on September 27, 1960 in honor of Minnesota's place as the center of Scandinavia American culture . They were and still are an energetic team with a stadium capacity of 47,900 seats. Their first pick in the 1961 draft was Fran Tarkenton from the University of Georgia. The most notable name in Viking history is quarterback Brett Farve who made history with the Green Bay Packers. Deciding retirement was not for him, Favre ended up with the Minnesota Vikings. Having access to the good life, the team probably knows about and uses Viking Grills.

These grills, which are top of the line, come in many sizes with many features and accessories. The Viking Grill is the world's first heavy duty commercial type range for the home. With 29,000 BTU burners, a rotisserie rod and basket with a ball bearing support for smooth rotation, this grill will last a lifetime. There are many accessories that can be purchased to further escalate the value of the grill including racks and drip pans, a grill wok grate, and lid sets, hoods, vent kits and barbecue grill sets. You'll more than get your money's worth with this grill.