10 November 2009

Make Money Doing What You Enjoy

Were you the editor of your high school paper or a contributing writer? Did you think writing a term paper was the worst college assignment in the world? Did you hate writing a "thank you letter" to Aunt Agnes for the tube socks that she gave you every Christmas? Have you now discovered the fun in writing your own blog and want to learn how to make money blogging ? It's very easy to enroll in "YouSayToo".

www.yousaytoo.com is an online website where not only can you ad your blog (which helps increase site traffic) but each new post that you do will be added. You won't have to remember to "ping" every new post; they will be automatically added to your "YouSayToo" blog web site. Not only will placing your blog increase traffic to your site, you'll have a major advantage if you're blogging for money. You can earn money from ads that are placed on your site.

With a "YouSayToo" blog account, you'll be able to participate in revenue sharing. If you don't want to keep your $$$$ from revenue sharing, you can donate it to charity. This can be done right on your site directly to the charity of your choice.