24 November 2009

Buying A New Car?

As a single woman, I'm always interested in web sites that can help me make important decisions. Other than buying a home, purchasing an automobile is one of the most important purchases in a person's life. Safety and dependability are two of the main things I look for and research before buying a vehicle. Transportation has to be reasonably priced and have basic options before I consider them. I found and excellent web site: TheCarConnection.com.

One of the best values I found was a Chevrolet Malibu. It's a strong performing car with good fuel economy, is an excellent ride with comfortable seats and has high crash test results. For 2010, there were very minor changes. The six-speed automatic transmission is now standard on all but the base model which helps improve fuel economy. At TheCarConnection.com, I was able to find out the pros and cars on this specific model with reviews and other valuable info.

While at this site I looked for information on other makes and models and found interesting facts and information about Mercedes Benz cl-class. One of the side facts I learned was that an open-top, dark blue Mercedes-Benz owned by Adolph Hitler was sold to an anonymous Russian billionaire for several million dollars. It was on display for awhile at a Las Vegas car museum.

The Suzuki sx4 is another automobile with many features and options and has received raves about it's interior. After looking at a few different cars and their options and reviews, I decided to look up the history of automobiles in Wikipedia and found out the background of many cars. Wiki cars was interesting reading and noted that Ferdinand Verbiest, a Jesuit in China, built the first steam powered vehicle around 1672. Reading the history of the automobile industry was fascinating.