15 November 2009

Local.com For Consumers & Businesses

In these hard economic times, as a business owner, you want to get all the customers you can. As a buyer, you want to get the best deals possible and at the best prices while shopping close to home. With Local.com, you'll find that your search is actually your local yellow pages.

You can do your search for businesses based on the area where you live. In your local search, you'll be able to find coupon offers, read reviews about business (1-5 star ratings), look for any type of business or product that you're seeking including real estate, events, health, lawyers, florists, hotels, coffee shops and more.

Local restaurants and other businesses can benefit from joining Local.com. There are approximately 20 million viewers to the web site monthly allowing them the benefit of visiting 1 site to view contents from other sites. The number of monthly viewers alone will drive consumers to your business. As a search engine, Local.com not only saves time but helps the consumers save money.