02 July 2010

You Won't Believe What's New In Tiles

If you haven't ridden a subway in years, you won't believe what's new in tiles. Subway stations used to be dark and dank but many cities are cleaning them up and are making them attractive with the use of subway tiles. Tiles can be purchased for a specific job at glasstilestore.com and shipping is free with every order. At their web site, you can also print coupons for additional savings ranging from $ off, % off to free offers with purchase.

Tiles are made of beautiful glass so not only are they easy to clean, they're durable and impenetrable too. Whether you're think of getting new tiles for the kitchen back splash, bathroom wall or swimming pool area, they're safe and secure as the glass tiles can't be breached by liquids. They can easily be used outdoors as they're resistant to inclement weather conditions. The tiles are on mesh-backed sheets and are painted on the back so the color won't chip off.