03 July 2010

Are You Still Watching "Old Television"?

Are you still in the age of the dinosaur when it comes to your television provider, the number of programs you can get, options that are available to make viewing more complete? Come into the age of direct satellite tv. You'll receive a new customer bonus when you switch: free HD tv for life!!! plus 50% off for one year. Get a free on-line price quote and find out about timewarner.com cable tv service rates. Bundling your services will result in better rates when you combine TV, Internet and phone.

Some people are not aware of what goes into the pricing of "cyberspace" services but there is info you should know about tv pricing. Cable rates are regulated by the Local Franchising Authority (LFA). They determine what goes into the "tiers" of service including local broadcast stations. The also enforce FCC rules as to customer service and franchise fees.

Find out today about directv service rates and see the fabulous "extras" you'll receive including upgrades, select premium channels for a period of time. free professional installation and more. There are quite a few packages to choose from with local channels in every package.