16 July 2010

Don't Wear Gloves? Your Hands Can Give You Away!

Hands tell a great deal about a person. Often, you can tell the type of work they do by the condition of their hands and nails. Many professions need the protection offered by work gloves. Not only do they keep hands clean, they offer protection against injury. Today's work gloves come in a variety of colors, style and materials including leather, vinyl and disposable. Fit is very important and gloves can even be custom designed. Even for something as common-place as gardening, work gloves serve a valuable purpose including keeping earthworms from touching the skin. Ugh!

Some work gloves need to be job specific. People who work around chemicals need gloves that are resistant to spills and exposure to chemicals. Magidglove.com offers this type of glove and many more. Heat resistant and cut resistant proprieties are also important. Welding is an occupation that requires high temperatures and a sturdy glove is essential to the safety of the worker. Most of the high temperature resistant gloves are made from split leather with other components including Kevlar. The linings of these gloves are also made from several materials.

If your occupation or business requires study, affordable work gloves, then this is the web site for you!