04 July 2010

Where Are You Going?

Do you often wonder where you are when you're trying to get someplace? I've always had difficulty with directions, so I'm very glad when I see address plaques and address signs. I love the ones with the large numbers so that you don't have to be directly at the location before you can read a number, so for me: "the bigger, the better". I like it when the street name is also listed as many streets break off for a turn and then pick up again so it's nice to know I'm still on the same route.

While surfing the web, I found a site that carries signs and plaques: justaddressplaques.com. They carry a large selection of Whitehall products that reflect not only the current trends in color and design but portray popular themes. Rust-free aluminium guarantees a long life for the plaques and signs and years of warm greetings to your home or business. Before a lot of homes and businesses made use of an address sign or address plaque that was noticeable, I would spend a great deal of time stopping and asking for directions especially in a business area, as I find those are the ones who don't have their address clearly visible for the most part. I like it when they are illuminated or are the reflecting kind as they can be seen in the dark.