08 July 2010

Skiing, Skiing and More Skiing!!!!

Avid skiers know where the best places to ski are and respond quickly to Breckenridge lodging deals. In these difficult economic people still want vacations and are looking for opportunities where they can get the most "bang for their buck". With Breckenridge lodging (condos, rentals and townhouses) not only is there top-notch skiing, there are biking and hiking trails (through national forests), fabulous shopping, excellent restaurants and nightlife in the town. Breckenridge, an old mining town with hundreds of historic buildings and homes , is known for it's world class skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, fishing, rafting and dog sledding. There are 2,300 skiable acres with 4 peaks and 29 lifts.

Another skiing option to consider is with Frisco lodging. It's also an old historic mining town know for the skiing it opportunities. As it's a little off the beaten path, a quality vacation is less expensive that in a resort town and several different ski areas are available