22 July 2010

It's Not Golf: A Low Score Is Bad!

When you play golf, you want a low score. When it's your credit, you want a high score. Most everything now revolves around a having a good/excellent credit score. If you're applying for a job, many potential employers are now looking at perspective employee's credit scores to get an idea on how well they manage themselves. A person's score tells a great deal about them. Auto and homeowner insurance companies are now looking at credit history before issuing policies. Often, if the score is bad, a person will have to pay very high premiums if they are not denied altogether.

A credit report is easy to read. It shows a person's financial history. They loans they've had, the timeliness of payments, the level of debt and more are all included. With freescore.com, not only will you have access to three credit scores, there's also identity theft protection available and an identity theft restoration service. In these difficult economic times, identity theft is rapidly increasing. 24/7 credit monitoring is done with all three credit bureaus with email notifications of activity on these reports.