20 July 2010

Get Your Slice of the Pie

When you decide that you want to be on the Internet with a web site, a great deal of thought needs to go into finding out what web hosting company you want and what they can meet your needs. If you have the site for business, you want to have traffic generated so that you can beat out your competitors. You want a company that will help you if you own several web sites, that can store lots of data and handle lots of bandwidth.

Web site owners have been debating the question of automated directory submission since the Internet explosion years ago and the question is "yes" or "no"? You want SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because you want to be found and want to be one the first two pages of a search. Most people only look at the first couple of pages when search results are pulled up and if your site is buried several pages down, you may as well pack up and go home. I don't want automated submission for my two web sites. I want to keep control and not give the information that is necessary to be submitted automatically.