11 July 2010

It's Never To Late To Get Addiction Help

Whether you or someone you know needs to enter a drug rehab or alcohol rehab program, Axishouse.com is definitely a treatment center that needs to be looked into. Not only do they work with the individual with the addiction (dependence on a substance), they deal with family issues that are connected to the individual's addiction in the family program. Whatever the cause (alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs), the use of that substance temporarily alters the chemicals in the brain. Axis Residential Treatment, located in Palm Springs, CA treats adults with single or multiple addictions. Physical and mental issues are addressed in their 12-step individualized therapy.

Drug treatment and alcohol treatment are necessary for recovery. It's very difficult, and usually impossible, for a person to be successful when they try to battle the addictions by themselves. Screening, assessment, detoxification and counseling are all vital components for recovery and need to be done with experienced professionals. Outpatient aftercare also helps lead to success for the individual.

Axis Residential Treatment is an alcohol treatment center that approaches recovery in a compassionate way requiring the accountability of the patient in a comfortable setting. Team support helps with recovery and in rebuilding lives and restoring families.