28 July 2010

Convenient Family Dentistry

Many people have avoided dentists for years either through fear or finances. When they finally decide they need a dentist, they look either in the yellow pages in their phone book or on the Internet. What separates one dentist from another when looking on the Internet? ? A top-notch Dental Website Design that catches their eye. Fast food chains have found that the most eye-catching graphics/colors are those that contain red, yellow and orange colors and the web site should incorporate bright colors.

Graphics play a major part in an ad. I think the graphics should include a before/after picture of a cosmetic procedure such as veneers, pictures of an older patient and younger patient with great smiles and a map to the dental location. The design also needs to include: phone number, web address, hours of service, types of procedures provided, what to do for dental emergencies, overview of dental staff's qualifications, financial aspect (insurance, payment plans etc) and whether they provide dentistry for children (very important as many dentists don't service young children).

Two graphics I would not have in the design would be pictures of the dental tools used and pictures of equipment as they look to be forms of torture to many people.