03 February 2011

Every Vehicle Has Value In The Fight Against Cancer

Has anyone in your family ever received a diagnosis of cancer, a leading killer in this country? How frightening would that be? Your life and that of your family would be turned upside down. If you've never been affected by it,it's easy not to think about cancer until you see an ad on television or receive something in the mail. Financial donations to the fight are an option but there's an easy way to further cancer research. No matter what kind of car you have, a car donation is valuable in the fight against cancer and each vehicle is valuable to the program.

The donate car cancer program helps fund cancer research, education, advocacy and and also supports many services. Vehicles are sold and the proceeds are used throughout the community and nationally to help cancer patients. When I donate my car to this program which is a non-profit organization, I'll receive an IRS tax deduction by receiving a receipt showing that the car has been donated to the Cars Fighting Cancer program. Vehicles don't have to be in running condition and will be towed at no expense to the owner if necessary. The web site is user friendly and answers any questions you might have about the program. Donations can be made in the memory of a loved on. You can also select a free gift ($30 Visa card or Apple iPod Shuffle) or decline a gift and have those funds used for additional help in fighting cancer. Log on the web site today and start the process of donating your vehicle or call 1-888-950-CURE (2873). You can make a major contribution to the fight against cancer without leaving the comfort of your home!