09 February 2011

They're Only Doing Their job

Recently police harassment in Orlando, Florida has escalated. During a traffic stop, the driver said he was harassed and that "weed" was planted in his car by one of the two police officers involved in the stop. After the driver was stopped, he was asked to present the normal items: driver's license, registration and proof of insurance which he did. He was asked to roll down his car windows so a flashlight search could be done as was asked if he had weapons or drugs. Complaining that he had to be at work in 5 minutes (9:00 P.M.), he agreed to a search of his car. When he stepped out of the vehicle, he was handcuffed.

A plastic bag of "weed" was found in his back seat. He denied ownership of it over 20 times and said the "cops" had planted it. The car was owned by the driver's mother. He had a large amount of money in his wallet ($812.00) which he said was rent money but he said the officers accused him of having it as drug money. The story goes on, but in the end, the driver is removed from handcuffs and returned to his car. The driver felt he was harassed and wants to have the "2 corrupt" officers fired and "punished to the full extent of the law". He called them "messed up" and "unprofessional".