08 February 2011

Cardio "Mini Blasts" Help With Fat Loss

Losing weight, or more specifically, losing body-fat is the holy grail of fitness goals. Everybody wants to lose a few extra pounds and there are no ends to the methods that people will use to do it. Everything from fad diets to extreme workout routines are regularly touted as the best ways to lose body-fat. You don’t have to resign to a life of eating nothing but cabbage soup for 90 days or working out four hours a day if you want to up your weight loss results. In fact, you can take your weight loss to healthy new heights by taking a sneaky, mini-cardio session approach.

What Are Mini-Cardio Sessions?

When you think about cardio, your mind probably starts picturing long, torturous sessions on the treadmill or sacrificing all of your spare time jogging. With the mini-cardio approach you don’t have to spend long hours doing cardio work, you can just add a few short, high-intensity cardio sessions in your spare time to drastically increase your fat loss results. It’s easier than you think and you won’t have to spend a lot of extra time doing cardio.

How to Integrate Mini-Sessions into Your Routine

To start using mini-cardio sessions here is a good starter approach. Pick two days a week where you will wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. I know that extra sack time is precious and no one wants to give any up, but to get increased weight loss you have to get serious. On these two days you are going to simply do 20 minutes of fairly intense cardio. You can choose the activity, but follow this plan:

• Spend five minutes warming up at 50% of your maximum exertion
• At minute six up the intensity to 60% for one minute
• At minute seven up the intensity to 70% for one minute
• Continue up to 90% for the next two rounds
• For the tenth minute drop down to your warm-up pace
• Repeat the cycle again
• Spend the last 5 minutes at your warm-up pace for a cool down

That’s all you have to do. You just spend 20 minutes of escalating intensity cardio. For two weeks do this on two separate mornings. On week three pick two, alternate evenings and do the same routine. You can do this with any kind of cardio exercise, from running to biking and get the same great, fat-burning effect. Do this for a month or two and you’ll see some great weight loss.

***Check with a medical professional before starting any weight loss/diet program***