22 February 2011

You Want It To Be Clean And Dry

Do you own pets? Cats? Dogs? Birds? Ferrets? If you do, you've already found out that vacuuming only removes part of the dirt and hair they carry and bring in. What about the odors left in the carpet when the animals are wet and roll around? Carpet cleaning Naples and carpet cleaning Estero can help you get the carpet dirt, mite, flea and odor free.

If you've had a fire or a broken water pipe, the water damage to your residence is devastating. If your house has been flooded, you don't even know how to begin the clean-up process. When you use tstrestoration.com (water damage Cape Coral), on call 24/7, your water removal process will take place right away because the longer water stands, the more damage there is. Not only does the water have to be removed, air movement and dehumidifying have to take place to be sure all traces of moisture are gone.