01 October 2009

Frank J. Hanna lll and his 3 "T's"

Use your TIME, TALENT and TREASURE! Those are the thoughts and principles that Frank J. Hanna lll lives by. He knows that financial planning has always been a necessity. Now, more than ever with the economy on a daily roller coaster ride, goals need to be set, budgets need to be kept and controlling the flow of your assets is mandatory.

Careful planning and execution of that plan in a person's early life will be a project that ensures full use of both time and energy. Frank J. Hanna lll knows that this is the time in a person's life where there should be the acquisition of money, properties and other pursuits. In later years, the amount of time and energy dwindles. The middle years see an individual whose main focus is on his family and involvement with society.

A merchant banker in Atlanta (GA), Frank J. Hanna lll has not only started and backed successful businesses but is very involved in promoting educational liberty. He has helped with the start-up of three new Catholic schools in Atlanta and has been a leader in efforts for school reform.